Doll House!

RaptorDad and I have been getting really into miniatures so we decided to make a doll house! But since we’re extra, we’ve decided to do each room as a self contained thing instead of an actual 4 room doll house. (We’re going to hang them on the wall.) I love this, because I feel like we don’t have to have planned out the entire house before we start! And if we want 3 different kitchens, who’s to stop us? lol.

The first room we’re making is a mad scientist study. We cut out the basic shape for the room on the laser and then last night I added wall paper while RaptorDad worked on prepping floorboards. The wall paper is fabric that I glued in with mod podge. We were sitting down to veg in front of the TV last night and I went, why don’t we work on the doll house instead? So much fun! Kate even sat down and sketched with us. Hoping to spend more time being creative as a family this year and this was a good start!

We’re having so much fun with this!

Happy New Year!

It’s January 1st! You know what that means, right? It’s the few weeks of the year when I’m motivated to tackle things! So let’s see… Shall we look at the 2022 goals?

  1. Monthly Adventures. We didn’t manage to go on an explicit monthly adventure day where RaptorDad took the day off of work EVERY month, but we did manage quite a few! Highlights being the Ice Cream Museum for my birthday and Barton Springs to celebrate back to school. I’m going to give us credit for this anyway because we also tried a ton of new local restaurants for lunch dates!
  2. House Reorganization. Well, we didn’t end up getting the new wood floors because we found out that peanut needed hearing aids! But we were super thankful that we had the wood floor money set aside and we could get her the hearing aids when she needed them. Plus they’re pink and blue and *adorable* and her speech has exploded since getting them! Plus, I’m giving us credit for this anyway, because we managed the room swap/ playhouse tear down and it’s been amazing. My new art room is *chef’s kiss.*
  3. Road Trip. This got put on hold, but we are tentatively planning to take a 1 month road trip all the way up to Maine this summer. As soon as we find out about RaptorDad’s bonus and our tax return we will finalize plans for this summer or keep planning for summer 2024. πŸ™‚
  4. Past Project Life. Um, well, about that. lol. I did finish 2020 so that’s something. And I went from 27 missing layouts in 2021 to 23. Some forward progress at least.
  5. Current Project Life. I failed pretty spectacularly at this. I’m missing 39 layouts from 2022.
  6. Past Scrapbooks. Well, I didn’t do so hot with this goal either. That said, I went from 10 missing months in 2019 to 5. And I got 1 more month of 2020 and 2 more months of 2021 done. But still. Momma needs to pick up the pace in a big way.
  7. Current Scrapbook. I got 4 months done. Leaving 8. So I guess on the upside I did get a total of 12 months of layouts done and I’m not *further* behind? Except that now I’ve added a whole year to the mix… Maybe I should stop typing while I’m ahead.
  8. Bucilla Advent Calendar. I didn’t manage to completely finish this, but I got it done *enough* that we were able to use it this year.
  9. Smitten Quilt. I actually finished the top! I want to hand quilt it so it’s going to have to wait until I’m done with the hexagons.
  10. Butterfly/ Caterpillar Quilts. This still aren’t labeled, but I’m counting them as done anyway. They’re hanging in the twin’s bedroom and they love them. πŸ™‚ I even entered the caterpillars in the Austin Quilt Show!

And the December Goals?

  1. Sub 15 days. No lie, I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I did!!!
  2. Buy all the things. Done.
  3. Africa Trip. We got travel insurance! And RaptorDad got me hiking boots for Christmas! We haven’t booked our flights yet just because we’re waiting for the tour people to get back to us to see if they can get better rates than us.
  4. Evaluate Goals. hahahahahaha.
  5. Sports. Ugh. I dropped the ball on this and we missed the registration deadlines. ::sigh::
  6. Teacher Gifts. Target gift cards to the rescue!
  7. December Montessori Trays. Done! I pulled out our Santa stuff much to her delight.
  8. Advent Calendar. Done enough.
  9. Advent Activities. I didn’t do great on this one this year, but I’m trying to give myself some grace and remember that we can do fun things next year too.
  10. Hexagons. I made some good progress on this!

So new annual goals? Hmm… I’m honestly not sure for this year.

  1. Old Project Life. ::sigh:: Maybe I can focus on 2021? I talked more about this in my scrappy update post, but I am missing 23 layouts in 2021 and 39 in 2022. I once again considered throwing in the towel on this project, but the thought of that made me so sad that I just ordered an album and page protectors for 2023. lol. Maybe instead of an annual goal, I’ll just keep a running total this year and try to be less behind that I currently am by the end of the year.
  2. Current Project Life. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’d love to do these in real time.
  3. Old Scrapbooks. Um, I’m not even sure where to start. What’s an actual realistic goal… Maybe to finish 12 months of old scrapbooks before the end of the year? That won’t get me anywhere near caught up, but it would be a good start.
  4. Current Scrapbooks. Do them in real time!!! Also, only do 1 or 2 layouts a month. More realistically, 5 or 6?
  5. Lose 30 pounds. Not sure how feasible this one is. I didn’t manage to lose any more weight this year, in fact I regained about 7 pounds. BUT, I’m still down 45 pounds and keeping that off feels like a major accomplishment! I’d really like to get in better shape before Africa and to shrink my butt a bit before I sit in an airplane that long. lol.
  6. Africa. Speaking of Africa, I need to get ready!
  7. Hexagons. I want to finish this beast!
  8. Try New Things! I am leaving this goal deliberately vague to promote creativity. lol. But I want to push myself to try something completely new once a month. That can be a new craft technique, a new restaurant, a crazy recipe- I just want to push myself to say YES more this year.
  9. Crafty Nights. RaptorDad and I are thinking of making a YouTube channel! More because RaptorDad wants to play with videography than a desire for a bunch of followers. hahahahaha. I thought about making a goal of 12 videos in the year, but then I decided to reevaluate given that we don’t actually care if the videos ever get posted. I’m making a goal that we have (at least) 1 video worthy craft night a month. We’re wanting to make a doll house so we have lots of inspiration!
  10. Felt. Always felt. lol. I *really* need to finish the advent calendar. And then make 3 new stockings. And no, we’re not having triplets! Or any babies! But I want to make our puppy a new stocking. And I want to make myself a grown up stocking and I found the *cutest* kit! And then RaptorDad needed a new grown up one too! Will I finish this? Outlook not good. lol. But we’ll see.

Which brings us to January goals! And since this is the world’s longest (picture-less!) blog post, I’ll keep them brief.

  1. 10k steps a day. I am embarrassingly out of shape so baby steps? 10 thousand of them? A day? hahahahahaha
  2. Old Project Life. 4 layouts.
  3. New Project Life. 4 layouts.
  4. Old Scrapbook. August 2019. If by some miracle I finish that, January 2020.
  5. New Scrapbook. January 2023.
  6. Ice Cream Soda. Finish round 6. Prep round 7.
  7. Africa. Book flights and research travel vaccines.
  8. Doll House. Make some books for the bookshelf!
  9. Girl Scout Cookies. ::sob:: I’m the cookie mom for Peanut’s troop again this year. Survive.
  10. Valentine’s Day. Remember, for once, that Valentine’s Day does not come at the end of the month like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas would have you believe. Give some thought to some fun kid activities!

Scrapbooking… Yay or Nay

Oh my gosh. Y’all, I started scrapbooking in 1997. 1997!!! For the last several years, I’ve contemplated giving up, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m not a quitter y’all! So I sat down this afternoon to see just how dire the situation is. Um, it’s pretty dire. Let’s start with Project Life since it’s not AS dire.

I started Project Life in 2011, and if we overlook the fact that I never made a book for 2014, I’m caught up through the end of 2020. I need to do 23 more weekly layouts for 2021 and 39 weekly layouts for 2022. Then obviously 52 for 2023. lol.

The scrapbooks… Ugh. I don’t have a layout list, but I need to finish August, September, October, November, and December. Of 2019. TWENTY-NINETEEN! ::shame:: For 2020, I still need to do January, September, October, November, and December. Also, I need to make monthly dividers since I’ve decided that the monthly calendar layouts suck. (September only needed the calendar so it will be done as soon as I figure out the dividers.) For 2021, I need to do February, March, April, May, June, July, September, November, and December. And for 2022, I need to do March, April, May, June, September, October, November, and December.

Oh my. To sum up, I need to do 62 Project Life layouts and 26 months worth of scrapbook layouts. Then the stuff for 2023. I’m not sure how I plan to tackle this yet, but stay tuned!

Quilty Check In

It’s December and that always makes me want to reevaluate my projects from the last year and set some goals for the upcoming year. πŸ™‚ So I thought I’d do a little check-in with my in progress quilts.

  1. Hexagons. Y’all. I’m actually quilting this! The progress is slooooooooow, but at least I’m making progress. I’m really wanting to finish this so I’ve been quilting on it almost every evening.

2. Bee Yourself. I made a good amount of progress on this one this year! I’d really love to finish the top in 2023, but who knows. I actually have a few more blocks done, but this is the most up to date picture I could find. lol.

3. Windchime. I love this quilt so much. I currently have 12 blocks done. I’m trying to decide if I should go for 16 total blocks or 25…

4. Low Volume Log Cabin. I pulled out all of the quilting. Now I just need to give it a good pressing and then rebaste it. So probably it will still be folded up on the shelf next year when I do this check in. lol. Although, I just dug out this picture and I had forgotten how much I like it. Maybe I’ll finish it after all. lol.

5. Ice Cream Soda. I put this one back up on the design wall this week in the hopes that looking at it will motivate me to work on it. lol.

6. Smitten. Top is done! I’m planning to hand quilt this one, so it’s going to have to wait until I’m done hand quilting the hexagons.

7. Hearts. This is another one where the top is done and it just needs quilting. I *think* my plan is to machine quilt it (just stitch in the ditch) and then to hand quilt around the hearts.

8. Color Wheel. This one has been fun! I’ve now gotten all of the applique done. Just need to trim the blocks and assemble. Oh, and decide if it needs another border or not. lol. And I actually can’t find a picture of it. Shocker, right? lol. Honestly, I’m impressed that I found pictures for the other 7.

I think that’s all of them?


How on earth is it December?!? And December 3rd, no less! I swear, this semester has been flying by. But, we had a very successful Thanksgiving, my mom and I officially booked our trip to Africa (even paid the deposit!), and I got the initial Girl Scout cookie order sorted out for Mia’s troop. Yay! Let’s see how November went goals wise.

  1. Clean all the things. Done! Or at least as done as it was going to get. lol. RaptorDad even organized the pantry!
  2. Survive Photo Sessions. Done! I had to reschedule a bunch of them due to weather, but I got all 7 sessions edited and out to the clients. Yay! I’m actually pretty happy with how the images turned out. πŸ™‚
  3. Advent Calendar. Ugh. I didn’t work on this at all. :/ But I hung it up anyway and we’re really going to enjoy the 1st 6 days. lol.
  4. Thanksgiving Menu Planning. Thanksgiving went so well! Largely because RaptorDad was in charge of most of the food prep. lol.
  5. RE Homework. So close. We have 5 of the 6 chapters done.
  6. Scrap 5 pages. Nada.
  7. 2 Project Life Layouts. Also nada.
  8. Finish color wheel top. I got all of the leaves appliqued, but I still need to trim them down and attach them to the center. The progress is looking great though!
  9. Ice Cream Soda. I was meant to get this back up the design wall and I didn’t. Oh well.
  10. Book Africa Trip. Done!!! Now we just need to get trip insurance and book the flights. πŸ™‚

I decided not to try to do December Daily. It’s just too much. I was worried I would really regret not having done it last year, but honestly all I felt was relief. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some goals.

  1. Sub 15 days. Not all in December. lol. The school that I sub at announced an incentive if we manage to sub 15 days in a single quarter. Currently with the jobs I’ve taken and those that I have scheduled, I’ll have 13 days. Surely I can shoehorn in another 2 days? Maybe?
  2. Buy all the things. Ugh. I need to order aaaaaaalllllllllllllll of the Christmas gifts.
  3. Africa Trip. We need to get trip insurance, book flights, and research the vaccines we’ll need.
  4. Evaluate 2022 goals and write 2023 goals.
  5. Sports? We’re not a sporty family, but I want to look at putting Xander in soccer, Mia in dance or gymnastics, and Kate in volleyball. Is this insane and way too many activities given the fact that we already feel massively over-scheduled with our current activities? Yes.
  6. Teacher Gifts. Oh boy. I need to figure out something for this.
  7. December Montessori Trays. I’m trying to do more academics with Mia.
  8. Advent Calendar. ::sigh:: I’d like to get as much of this done as I can. I think I’m going to cut out the backings of each ornament and then they can pull out the “shadows” for the days that I haven’t finished?
  9. Advent Activities. Yikes. Have I mentioned that I wasn’t ready for December?
  10. Hexagons. I’ve been working on quilting the hexagons in the evenings. Honestly, I’m over it, but I also want to finish!

Notice that there are zero scrappy or Project Life goals? Yeah. I’m debating making some changes going forward. Like, I’m considering being done with scrapbooking. IDK. I’m in a bit of a creative slump. The December to do list is heavy on grown-up tasks and light on creative ones, but that’s ok. I generally get a burst of mental energy in January. Maybe it will come early and I’ll end the month being super productive. lol. And maybe pigs will fly.

Late Again!

lol. I am not doing so great lately at my monthly goals posts, but here goes. How’d I do on October? (Spoiler alert: not well. lol.)

  1. Halloween Costumes. Done! Although I really did phone it in this year. Mia wore a Mirabel dress we already owned and Xander went with a vampire costume that we also already owned. Kate quite happily made her own costume. πŸ™‚
  2. NASA. Success!
  3. Fall Break. Also a huge success!
  4. Brownie Vest. Not only did I get it put together, I have kept it put together!
  5. September 2022 Project Life. Ugh. I didn’t even look at it.
  6. October 2022 Project Life. Same.
  7. Scrap September 2022. I’m sensing a theme.
  8. Scrap March 2021. ::sigh::
  9. Thanksgiving Plan. This is coming together!
  10. Fix Hexie Quilt. After much consideration, I decided that I liked the quilting after all and I’m keeping it the way it is. I made some good progress on it this month!

I also took a huge leap of faith and put myself out there for some photo sessions. Y’all. I’ve booked them all! And the first one is done and I was actually happy with the photos. πŸ™‚ 6 more to go!

November Goals.

  1. Clean all the things.
  2. Survive photo sessions. Including getting all of the photos edited!
  3. Advent Calendar. Ugh. And we’re right where I didn’t want to be. Into November and it’s not done. This is the month!
  4. Thanksgiving Menu Planning.
  5. RE Homework. The twins have to finish one of the 2 workbooks to turn in in December.
  6. Scrap 5 pages. Any 5 pages. lol. I’ve got to get my scrapping mojo back.
  7. 2 Project Life Layouts. Same.
  8. Finish color wheel top. I need to applique 10 more leaves and then stitch the borders on.
  9. Put Ice Cream Soda back up on the design wall. I need to motivation to work on this one.
  10. Book Africa Trip. It’s time!!!

(Very Late) October Goals

This month has been crazy! But, I figure better late than never. So September…

  1. Popcorn. We did it! We even managed to have 2 successful popcorn storefronts. (Basically cookie booths for popcorn.)
  2. Heart Quilt. The top is done!
  3. Passport Stuff. It’s all completed and sent off! AND, we’re 85% sure we’ve decided on the tour we want to take. Just doing a bit of research to make sure that the tour company is reputable. πŸ™‚
  4. September 2022 Project Life. Ugh. I got 3 of 4 weeks done which is pretty good, but I haven’t done anything this month yet so I’m already 3 weeks behind.
  5. Buddy Walk. I feel a bit guilty about this, but we just didn’t do the Buddy Walk this year. It’s an amazing cause, but I was so stressed thinking about managing the fundraising for a team again. Not to mention that the actual walk is so overstimulating for my kids. Maybe next year when they’re a bit older?
  6. Advent Calendar. I didn’t even look at this.
  7. Old Scrapping. Nope.
  8. New Scrapping. Also nope.
  9. Caterpillar Quilt. Done!
  10. Smitten. Nope.

It seems like I didn’t get much done, but I did start designing a new quilt! lol. So… October Goals.

  1. Halloween Costumes.
  2. NASA. I took Xander to NASA with Cub Scouts this weekend and we slept in a tent. I’m putting this on my list even though it’s already passed because I am so damn impressed with myself for sleeping in a tent by myself. Well, just me and Xander. lol. To be fair, one of the other Cub Scouts had to help me put up/ take down the tent. But I did it!
  3. Fall Break. This week is Fall Break and my kids are off school all week. We’re going to a little cabin for a few days with my grandparents and my mom so I need to get us all packed up for that. I’m excited!
  4. Put together Mia’s brownie vest. This is another one that I’m cheating on because it’s already done, but it was a big thing that I got to check off my to do list so I’m putting it on here too. lol.
  5. September 2022 Project Life.
  6. October 2022 Project Life.
  7. Scrap September 2022.
  8. Scrap March 2021.
  9. Thanksgiving Plan. We’re hosting a much smaller version of Thanksgiving this year, but I’m excited!
  10. Fix hexie quilt. I need to take out all of the hand quilting, rebaste it, and start over. lol.

Yay September!

It’s September y’all! We’re getting back into the school year groove and loving it. πŸ™‚ So about August…

  1. Scrap June and July 2022. Didn’t manage to get June, but I did finish July and August of 2022!
  2. Print Pics. Nope.
  3. Interview Books. Yes! πŸ™‚
  4. First Day of School Pics. Yes! πŸ™‚
  5. Advent Calendar. Well, I finally pulled it back out. πŸ™‚ I didn’t finish the trim, but I did work on it. AND I got 2 toys done.
  6. Hexagons. I actually made some pretty good progress quilting this. But now the back is wrinkled again and I need to rebaste it. Again. lol.
  7. Caterpillars. Nope.
  8. Bee Yourself. I finally threw in the towel and took it down which was exactly what I needed to do. I’m now making great progress on my heart applique quilt!
  9. Ice Cream Soda. I got 2 blocks done I think. πŸ™‚
  10. Snacks. I didn’t do anything themey, but I did manage to bring snacks! So, partial credit? lol.

Shall we set some September goals?

  1. Popcorn. Oh boy. It’s popcorn time again. lol. Here’s hoping Xander and I manage to sell all of this popcorn and stay sane in the process. lol.
  2. Heart Quilt. I’d love to finish this top.
  3. Passport Stuff. Oh my gosh, I have got to get this taken care of.
  4. September 2022 Project Life in real time.
  5. Buddy Walk. I need to get our team stuff done for the Buddy Walk.
  6. Advent Calendar. Um, sounding a bit like a broken record here, but I need to finish the trim. lol. Maybe finish the trim and get 5 more toys done?
  7. Old Scrapping. Um, August and September 2019?
  8. New Scrapping. March and September 2022.
  9. Caterpillar Quilt. I have to get the sleeve on this.
  10. Smitten. Make the backing for smitten?

Kind of a brief post today, but maybe I’ll try to do some update posts this month. πŸ™‚

Back to School Time!

I Just realized that 90% of my blog titles include an exclamation point. lol. #SorryNotSorry. But y’all! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Back to school! July was hard, mainly because it’s do dang hot we can barely handle the walk from the house to the car let alone actually being outside. I also had a bit of a funk feeling like a failure because, despite my elaborate plans, we did basically zero academics this summer. I’m trying to remind myself of all that I *did* accomplish- the room swap, teaching Xander to swim, Mia being comfortable in the water, summer camps, getting Mia to wear her hearing aids, vegging with Kate, so many appointments, swimming, swimming, swimming. πŸ™‚ And now we’re down to the last bittersweet week of summer and it’s already jam packed with back to school events and more appointments. I think our laid back summer was just what we all needed to recharge after our first school year back at an actual school, but they are beyond ready to get to see their friends again. πŸ™‚ Let’s see how the July goals went…

  1. Advent Calendar. Yikes. Not only did I not work on this at all (again) but we didn’t even do Christmas in July.
  2. Bee Yourself. I got the hexagons done! But I still need to finish the lyric block and the London flag. Might be time to pack this up for a while and out up something new…
  3. Quilt Show. I got the caterpillars all entered! Now i jut need to attach the sleeve to the back and make the labels.
  4. Hexagons. I got them rebasted! My grandmother and I basted the center section on her kitchen table and got it all marked for quilting. I’m making some progress and I’m loving it!
  5. Project Life. Um, I didn’t even look at this.
  6. Scrap Prep. I not only got July 2019 prepped, I got it scrapped! I didn’t get anything done on August or September, but progress is progress. πŸ™‚
  7. Scrap February 2021. I never did find these pics…
  8. Scrap Current Pages. I didn’t get 10 done, but I did get 2 done. πŸ™‚ Plus all of July 2022 is edited and printed. And I got 30 new background pages done!
  9. Ice Cream Soda. I got the pink, red, orange bottom corner done. πŸ™‚
  10. Labels. Not yet.

Shall we set some August goals?

  1. Scrap June and July 2022. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
  2. Print pics for August and September 2019. I’m making a push to finish 2019 before the end of the year.
  3. Interview books. One of my favorite annual traditions!
  4. First day of school pictures. Maybe I’ll even print some of the backlog this year.
  5. Advent Calendar. omg. I have to start working on this. RaptorDad and I are listening to a book on tape and I’m hoping to get some serious work done on the advent calendar. I think finish the trim and do 2 toys.
  6. Hexagons. I’d like to quilt the center part that’s already basted.
  7. Caterpillars. I need to attach a sleeve for the quilt show!
  8. Bee Yourself Quilt. I’m bored again. I’m going to attempt to finish the lyric block, but then I think I’m going to take it down and put something else back up.
  9. Ice Cream Soda. Hmm… Maybe I’ll try to get round 6 done? It’s already prepped. (I think?)
  10. Snacks. I’m playing DND (don’t judge lol) and we’re going to take turns bringing snacks. I want to make mine themey! πŸ™‚

Holy Cow- It’s July!

How is it July already?!? And speaking of, how is my beautiful firstborn a teenager!?! That’s right, the OG Raptor turns 13 today. Unfortunately, birthday plans had to be revamped because she’s been sick these past fews days, but she’s negative for COVID, strep, and flu A/B and she’s fever free as of last night so we’re having a fun, low key, morning with donuts and minecraft. All in all a good day.

But how about some goals! lol. Let’s see how I did in June…

  1. Bee Yourself. I didn’t finish the lyric block because I forgot it at my grandmother’s last week when I took it over to show it off. lol. But it’s very close to done and I’m delighted with it. I didn’t get the London flag done, but I got all of the others done and I got all of the country name embroidery done so I’m quite pleased with that. And I got the Sunshine block designed and finished! All in all, I am delighted with the progress I’ve made and I’m actually finally convinced that I might finish this quilt one day. lol.
  2. Smitten Quilt. Done! At least the top. πŸ™‚ Now I just need to decide how to quilt it.
  3. Scrap. I didn’t get July 2019 done, but I did get October 2021 done! So that’s something. πŸ™‚
  4. Advent Calendar. Not a thing.
  5. Passport. I’m sensing a theme. :/
  6. Purge Art Room. Done! Oh my gosh, I got rid of so much stuff and my new room is amazing!!!
  7. Toy/ Clothes Purge. I still need to get rid of more toys, but this was also a huge success! And the twins love their new room.
  8. Current Scrap. Nada. We still need to finish hooking up the computer/ photo printer.
  9. Semi-Current Scrap. See above. lol.
  10. Project Life. hahahahahaha.

So I didn’t get a ton done with on the scrapping front, but we did manage the room swap which was a Herculean task. Especially since it also included repainting both rooms and assembling new beds for the twins. πŸ™‚ All in all, I’m super happy. πŸ™‚ And check out my progress on Bee Yourself!

July Goals.

  1. Advent Calendar. Yikes. I’m planning to do a little Christmas in July action with the kids so maybe that will motivate me? OK. Gold trim. Must finish gold trim.
  2. Bee Yourself. I decided to do 2 more hexagon flowers for the upper right hand corner and I got them prepped yesterday. I’d like to finish those, finish the lyric block, and finish the London flag. The end is near!
  3. Speaking of quilts, I’ve decided to enter my Caterpillar quilt in the Austin Quilt Show! I’m super nervous, but I’m also really proud of that quilt. πŸ™‚ I wanted to enter both the butterfly and caterpillar quilts as a set, but then I learned that it’s $45 to enter a quilt. ::yikes:: So one it is. lol.
  4. Hexagons. I want to rebaste my hexagons so that I can start hand quilting it again. πŸ™‚
  5. Project Life. Um… How about trying to wrap up 2021. hahahahahaha. Or at least make some progress on it.
  6. Scrap Prep Ancient Stuff. Um… Maybe scrap list/ edit/ print July, August, September of 2019? If I can get organized, maybe I’ll be motivated to work on it.
  7. Scrap February 2021. According to my notes, these pics are already printed. So theoretically, I could scrap them now while I’m waiting for us to put the new computer station together… Possibilities…
  8. Current Scrap Pages. Hmm… Maybe 10 current pages? It would be awesome to get June 2022 knocked out.
  9. Ice Cream Soda. We meet again old friend. lol. I’d like to make some progress on the bottom chunk. Hopefully seeing a bit of it assembled will give me the motivation to keep making progress.
  10. Labels. We got these awesome resealable jars for baking good and I want to make some cute vinyl labels for them. πŸ™‚