Art Room Tour

My quilt guild is doing a program this month about sewing room organization and asked if we would send in pictures of our sewing spaces. Since I had to clean it up for pictures anyway, I thought I would give y’all a little tour. 🙂

Here’s the wall with the closet. We took the closet doors off and it was honestly the best decision ever! I do plan to make a curtain that will hang down about 20 inches to hide the mess at the top of the closet. One day! I am obsessed with the cubbies from Kallax Ikea. The top 2 rows hold my fabric stash, then the little white bins hold random craft supplies. Bottom row is books and albums.

Then if you turn to the right, you have the wall with the window. I have another Kallax here, this one holding my quilting projects. I assign each quilt a bin and it’s so easy to keep everything organized. We keep the laser in here as well. We took 2 Alex carts from Ikea and put them back to back to hold the laser. We then screwed in a sheet of chalk board on both sides to keep it together. One Alex hold supplies for the laser and the other hold scrapbooking supplies.

Turn right again and you have the general crafting zone. The desks are butcher block counter tops from Ikea that we got a million years ago. Left to right you have- silhouette, diamond painting, project life/ scrap supplies, pens and markers, papers, and journals/ notebooks.

Turn right again and you have the sewing zone. I love having the design wall up! Don’t mind the million cases of cookies under the desk.

It should go without saying that my room is never this clean. In fact, I was literally moving piles from one spot to another so I could take the pictures. lol. But I love my room! I am so glad that we switched the twins’ room and the art room if for no other reason that it forced me to look at everything and decide if I wanted to keep it or not. Plus, is there anything better than a fresh coat of paint???

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