Doll House Fish Tank

I made a fish tank, y’all!

There is lots of room for improvement, but overall I’m really pleased with it!

I made the actual tank with pieces of acrylic that I cut on our laser. The gravel on the bottom is actually bits of broken glass from the floral section at Michael’s and the plants are sculpy. The fish are pieces of twine that I coated in mod podge, then folded over on themselves and added a dot of stickles to. Then I placed the things and added resin.

Things I would do differently… Well I would have found a better way to suspend the fish for one. They kept floating to the top which just made it look like a tank full of dead fish. lol. So next time I would either glue the fish to the plants or pour the resin in layers. I would also try to find a better solution for getting rid of the bubbles- maybe a pressure pot? But either way, I had a lot of fun making this!

Doll House!

RaptorDad and I have been getting really into miniatures so we decided to make a doll house! But since we’re extra, we’ve decided to do each room as a self contained thing instead of an actual 4 room doll house. (We’re going to hang them on the wall.) I love this, because I feel like we don’t have to have planned out the entire house before we start! And if we want 3 different kitchens, who’s to stop us? lol.

The first room we’re making is a mad scientist study. We cut out the basic shape for the room on the laser and then last night I added wall paper while RaptorDad worked on prepping floorboards. The wall paper is fabric that I glued in with mod podge. We were sitting down to veg in front of the TV last night and I went, why don’t we work on the doll house instead? So much fun! Kate even sat down and sketched with us. Hoping to spend more time being creative as a family this year and this was a good start!

We’re having so much fun with this!