Welcome to April!

You guys! It’s April! And I took a long term sub job that started last week and will go through the end of the school year. It’s crazy, but also exciting. :). That does mean that I don’t have quite as much time to craft, but the kids are sweet and I love being up at their school. That said, I was not at all sad when we had a snow day today! Let’s see how March went.

  1. March 2024. Well, I was doing great until I took the long term sub job, but that’s ok. I just finished up week 11 this morning and I’m still loving this new system.
  2. September 2023. Nope. Didn’t even look at this.
  3. Africa Scrapbook. I didn’t get much photo editing done, but I did decide that I wanted to watercolor my cards for it. I’ve been practicing and it’s so much fun!
  4. School Scrapbooks. Nope.
  5. Prep for Visitors. Yes! We had the best time!
  6. Easter. We made it! It didn’t feel like Easter, but the kids were good at Mass and we had a fun tea party for my birthday so I’m counting it as a win!
  7. Hexies. I got them bound! Now I just need to finish quilting them. One day…
  8. 2019 Scrapbook. Nope.
  9. Eclipse. Well, I made sure I had the day off of work before I took the sub job, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. lol.
  10. Beach. It’s actually been pretty chilly! But I did run over to the beach after I took my bestie back to the airport and it was perfection.


  1. March 2024. I want to finish this and I think I can do it as I only have 2 weeks left.
  2. April 2024. I do not think I’ll be able to get these pages done, but I do want to keep up with the photo editing/ printing. I can do the editing during my downtime during the day so I think this is possible. Then next fall when the kids are back at school, all of the pictures will be ready for me to scrap!
  3. Birthday Party. omg. The twinsies are turning 9! In like a week and a half! We did manage to get invitations out so that’s something. I need to plan some stuff for the actual party though.
  4. Summer Plans. I’m not doing a theme for the whole summer, but I do think I want to do weekly themes? Also trying to think of a lose daily/ weekly structure so that we are not sitting around the house all summer irritating each other.
  5. Quilting. I decided to start a new quilt that’s been on my list for a while- a scrappy strawberry quilt! I’m hoping I can get one block done this month. 🙂
  6. Eclipse! The eclipse y’all!!! I’m so freaking excited!
  7. Africa Scrapbook. I want to set aside some time to work on this. 🙂
  8. Quilt Guild. I tried to go to the meeting this month, but I think I must have gotten the date wrong as no one was there. ::sigh:: I need to try again next month!
  9. April Break Plans. The kids and I have a week off in April. I want to plan some fun day trips I think!
  10. Survive? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

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