March Musings

We made it through February! And now things are starting to warm up a bit but more importantly, THE SUN IS BACK! And I’ve made some big changes to my memory keeping projects and I love it! Let’s do goals first, shall we?

February Goals.

  1. Vacation. We made it! And it was wonderful!
  2. August 2023 Project Life. I actually got this done! It’s a miracle!
  3. Hexies. Well, I got them all stabilized and I got them bound enough to take to Texas. lol. I could finish the binding in an evening I think, but I’m so sick of it that I need a break.
  4. February 2024 Project Life. Done!
  5. February 2024 Scrapbooks Pages. Done as they’re gonna get! I’ve decided to abandon the scrapbooks going forward in favor of a more robust project life system with loads of inserts. I’m loving this system so much! Maybe I’ll even write up a blog post about it…
  6. Valentine’s Day Theme. I never did write up a blog post about it, but she did enjoy the sensory bin! And she’s delighted with the St. Patrick’s Day one I put together for March!
  7. 2019 Scrapbook Assessment. Nope. I didn’t even look at this.
  8. Meet People. I did, in fact, go to the guild meeting! And everyone was super nice and I’m super glad that I went!
  9. Game Night. This is still a work in progress, but I did make a tonk! We also played some board games in Texas with my mom- Monopoly and The Game of Life. But the 1960’s version of the Game of Life. It was hysterical! At one point I was entertaining an “Ambassador from Mars.” Love it!
  10. King Cake. This did not happen this year and I’m trying to be ok with that.

So March Goals?

  1. March 2024 Project Life. I’d like to keep current which will include adding inserts as needed. I’m loving how streamlined this makes memory keeping. And since I don’t feel like I’m scrapping every picture and story twice, I’m really enjoying being more creative with my layouts.
  2. Finish September 2023 Project Life. This one is a bit of a stretch because it includes my trip to Africa, but maybe?
  3. Africa Scrapbook. I am actually super excited about this. To the point that we finally broke down and bought a large format photo printer! I’m so stinking excited. I’d like to finish mapping out the structure for the album and decide on the full page photos for the start and stop of each day.
  4. School Scrapbooks. Speaking of large format photos, I’m super excited to be able to update the kids’ school scrapbooks! They are designed to have an 8×8 photo of each kid on the first and last day of school and I am woefully behind on printing them.
  5. Prep for Visitors! One of my besties is coming up for a visit this month and I am so freaking excited! Then my mom is coming up in April! Yay!!!
  6. Easter. Easter is going to be another hard one for me. It’s a big time family holiday for me- usually my aunt and uncle and cousins all come up from Houston and we have a big celebration for Easter and my grandmother’s (and my) birthday. Obviously this year we will be celebrating alone. I need to brainstorm some strategies to avoid the sads and to help the kids make some new traditions.
  7. Hexies. I’d like to get these bound! And lay them out and figure out how much more quilting I need to get done.
  8. 2019 Scrapbook? Maybe I can make myself work on this. It’s pre covid- so… it’s depressing. We’ll see.
  9. Eclipse. Make plans for the Eclipse!
  10. Beach? I’m missing the beach. And it’s finally getting warmer! Maybe I’ll make it down there in March.

There you have it! Some goals for March and only a day late. lol

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