I Made a Wreath!

I’ve wanted to make a wreath for so long! I love seasonal decorations and I love wreaths, but every time I’ve tried to make one (um, by every time I mean once) it was a disaster. Then last month my grandmother decided that she wanted to make a Valentine’s Day wreath with stuff from the dollar store. I gave it a go with mixed results. But still, it was cute enough that I put it up on our door. (Our first wreath ever!)

I decided that I needed to up my game for St Patrick’s Day so I turned to YouTube. Y’all. I found the *cutest* wreath tutorial!

I ended up getting my ribbon from Amazon and my deco mesh from Hobby Lobby just because the Dollar Tree had already moved on to Easter supplies and because the ribbon from Amazon was freaking adorable.

And here it is! I made it in one evening while RaptorDad was playing with sculpy. (We’re trying to be creative more and watch TV less.) I’m super happy with how it turned out. Now if I could only convince my HOA to let me paint our front door teal. lol.