Sponge Cake!

Oh man, Kate loves the idea of April Fool’s Day, but I never have my stuff together enough to actually set up a prank. But this year I got her good! RaptorDad and I were watching YouTube the other day and we saw a video for a sponge cake that looked like a sponge. I knew I had to make it happen.

Mia and I sneakily made this cake while Kate was in class in her bedroom and I honestly can’t believe how well it turned out! The colors weren’t quite perfect, but if you’re not looking at it next to a sponge it was pretty convincing. The trick is to cut the top with a serrated knife so you get that “rough sponge” look. I put the cake on the counter, sprinkled a few crumbs around, and waited. Very impatiently. lol. Finally Kate came out and I asked her if she could wipe off the counter for me. Her face when she tried to pick up the “sponge” was priceless! I wish I had a video but I didn’t want her to get suspicious.

And amazingly, the cake tasted good! It was a very moist lemon cake and we gobbled it down. Time to start planning for next year!