May the 4th be with you!

What can I say, I’m a little behind on, oh, everything. lol. But let’s see how we did in April, shall we?

  1. March 2024. Nope. Although I do have the pictures printed.
  2. April 2024. Hahahahahahahaha.
  3. Birthday Party. Well, I almost had a heart attack when I woke up and it was RAINING, but it stopped just in time for their party and everyone had a lovely time!
  4. Summer Plans. Um, I signed Xander up for a week of day camp?
  5. Quilting. So much fun! And a goal I actually met! I have a block and a half done and I’m having a blast.
  6. Eclipse. AMAZING!!! I was worried about everything (naturally) but the sky was clear and it was amazing!
  7. Africa Scrapbook. I’ve started! I didn’t make a ton of progress, but I’ve started!
  8. Quilt Guild. Somehow I missed that there wasn’t a meeting in April either. ::sob:: I’m going to give it one more try in May.
  9. April Break Plans. A success!!! Mostly because other people made plans and invited us along. lol.
  10. Survive. Debatable.

May Goals

  1. April 2024. I want to get the pics for these weeks printed.
  2. May 2024. I want to get these pics printed as well.
  3. Africa Scrapbook. First goal is to cull the (thousands of) photos and print the best one for each day as a 10×8.
  4. Strawberry Quilt. I’d love to finish the block I’m working on and start a 3rd!
  5. Quilt Guild. Fingers crossed.
  6. RaptorDad’s birthday is the 12th! I need to plan all the things!
  7. Survive until the end of the school year.
  8. Survive until the end of the school year.
  9. Survive until the end of the school year.
  10. Survive until the end of the school year.

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