Quilty Check In

It’s December and that always makes me want to reevaluate my projects from the last year and set some goals for the upcoming year. 🙂 So I thought I’d do a little check-in with my in progress quilts.

  1. Hexagons. Y’all. I’m actually quilting this! The progress is slooooooooow, but at least I’m making progress. I’m really wanting to finish this so I’ve been quilting on it almost every evening.

2. Bee Yourself. I made a good amount of progress on this one this year! I’d really love to finish the top in 2023, but who knows. I actually have a few more blocks done, but this is the most up to date picture I could find. lol.

3. Windchime. I love this quilt so much. I currently have 12 blocks done. I’m trying to decide if I should go for 16 total blocks or 25…

4. Low Volume Log Cabin. I pulled out all of the quilting. Now I just need to give it a good pressing and then rebaste it. So probably it will still be folded up on the shelf next year when I do this check in. lol. Although, I just dug out this picture and I had forgotten how much I like it. Maybe I’ll finish it after all. lol.

5. Ice Cream Soda. I put this one back up on the design wall this week in the hopes that looking at it will motivate me to work on it. lol.

6. Smitten. Top is done! I’m planning to hand quilt this one, so it’s going to have to wait until I’m done hand quilting the hexagons.

7. Hearts. This is another one where the top is done and it just needs quilting. I *think* my plan is to machine quilt it (just stitch in the ditch) and then to hand quilt around the hearts.

8. Color Wheel. This one has been fun! I’ve now gotten all of the applique done. Just need to trim the blocks and assemble. Oh, and decide if it needs another border or not. lol. And I actually can’t find a picture of it. Shocker, right? lol. Honestly, I’m impressed that I found pictures for the other 7.

I think that’s all of them?

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