Late Again!

lol. I am not doing so great lately at my monthly goals posts, but here goes. How’d I do on October? (Spoiler alert: not well. lol.)

  1. Halloween Costumes. Done! Although I really did phone it in this year. Mia wore a Mirabel dress we already owned and Xander went with a vampire costume that we also already owned. Kate quite happily made her own costume. 🙂
  2. NASA. Success!
  3. Fall Break. Also a huge success!
  4. Brownie Vest. Not only did I get it put together, I have kept it put together!
  5. September 2022 Project Life. Ugh. I didn’t even look at it.
  6. October 2022 Project Life. Same.
  7. Scrap September 2022. I’m sensing a theme.
  8. Scrap March 2021. ::sigh::
  9. Thanksgiving Plan. This is coming together!
  10. Fix Hexie Quilt. After much consideration, I decided that I liked the quilting after all and I’m keeping it the way it is. I made some good progress on it this month!

I also took a huge leap of faith and put myself out there for some photo sessions. Y’all. I’ve booked them all! And the first one is done and I was actually happy with the photos. 🙂 6 more to go!

November Goals.

  1. Clean all the things.
  2. Survive photo sessions. Including getting all of the photos edited!
  3. Advent Calendar. Ugh. And we’re right where I didn’t want to be. Into November and it’s not done. This is the month!
  4. Thanksgiving Menu Planning.
  5. RE Homework. The twins have to finish one of the 2 workbooks to turn in in December.
  6. Scrap 5 pages. Any 5 pages. lol. I’ve got to get my scrapping mojo back.
  7. 2 Project Life Layouts. Same.
  8. Finish color wheel top. I need to applique 10 more leaves and then stitch the borders on.
  9. Put Ice Cream Soda back up on the design wall. I need to motivation to work on this one.
  10. Book Africa Trip. It’s time!!!

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