(Very Late) October Goals

This month has been crazy! But, I figure better late than never. So September…

  1. Popcorn. We did it! We even managed to have 2 successful popcorn storefronts. (Basically cookie booths for popcorn.)
  2. Heart Quilt. The top is done!
  3. Passport Stuff. It’s all completed and sent off! AND, we’re 85% sure we’ve decided on the tour we want to take. Just doing a bit of research to make sure that the tour company is reputable. 🙂
  4. September 2022 Project Life. Ugh. I got 3 of 4 weeks done which is pretty good, but I haven’t done anything this month yet so I’m already 3 weeks behind.
  5. Buddy Walk. I feel a bit guilty about this, but we just didn’t do the Buddy Walk this year. It’s an amazing cause, but I was so stressed thinking about managing the fundraising for a team again. Not to mention that the actual walk is so overstimulating for my kids. Maybe next year when they’re a bit older?
  6. Advent Calendar. I didn’t even look at this.
  7. Old Scrapping. Nope.
  8. New Scrapping. Also nope.
  9. Caterpillar Quilt. Done!
  10. Smitten. Nope.

It seems like I didn’t get much done, but I did start designing a new quilt! lol. So… October Goals.

  1. Halloween Costumes.
  2. NASA. I took Xander to NASA with Cub Scouts this weekend and we slept in a tent. I’m putting this on my list even though it’s already passed because I am so damn impressed with myself for sleeping in a tent by myself. Well, just me and Xander. lol. To be fair, one of the other Cub Scouts had to help me put up/ take down the tent. But I did it!
  3. Fall Break. This week is Fall Break and my kids are off school all week. We’re going to a little cabin for a few days with my grandparents and my mom so I need to get us all packed up for that. I’m excited!
  4. Put together Mia’s brownie vest. This is another one that I’m cheating on because it’s already done, but it was a big thing that I got to check off my to do list so I’m putting it on here too. lol.
  5. September 2022 Project Life.
  6. October 2022 Project Life.
  7. Scrap September 2022.
  8. Scrap March 2021.
  9. Thanksgiving Plan. We’re hosting a much smaller version of Thanksgiving this year, but I’m excited!
  10. Fix hexie quilt. I need to take out all of the hand quilting, rebaste it, and start over. lol.

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