Warning: disjointed stream of consciousness ahead.

Anyone else feel like this is a bad dream that they’re ready to wake up from? I feel like the world has gone crazy in the past week. But as I’m encouraging Kate to focus on the positives, I thought I would try to force myself to list some of the positives as well. So in no particular order:

  1. We have a back yard! And it’s nice outside! Seriously, this is huge. My kids are spending hours outside every day and I love it. Note to self: might need to put some sunscreen on Xander…
  2. We are all safe and at home together. So glad that we have each other. So glad that RaptorDad has the ability to work from home. So glad that the kids have each other.
  3. Siblings. This one is so huge that I have to make it its own line. I struggled so much with the worry that Kate would be an only child while we were dealing with infertility. I am so incredibly thankful that they have each other.
  4. Cloth wipes. I so much don’t want to go there, but if we run out of toilet paper we do have cloth wipes from when we were cloth diapering the kiddos. At least we won’t be reduced to using leaves. lol.
  5. English Paper Piecing. It’s so slow going that I’ve got plenty to work on for a loooooong time. lol. And I’m making some serious progress on my hexies! I’m hoping to have fully half of it assembled by the end of the week.
  6. Video chats. I’ so glad that Kate can talk with her friends so she doesn’t feel too socially isolated. And I can talk to my family! My mom, sister, grandmother, and I all had virtual happy hour last night!
  7. Bluebonnets are popping up! And we can take bluebonnet pics while continuing to practice social distancing! We won’t get a cousin pic, but I can still take pics of my niece and nephew by themselves.
  8. Home schooling. We’re still technically on spring break this week, but I’m expecting Kate’s teacher will be sending home work for her to do next week. I’m not cut out for homeschooling permanently, but it’s been eye opening to just be able to spend some time with my kids. Usually our days are taken up by drop off and pick up at 3 different schools, therapy, after school sports and activities… I do really miss those things, but this forced slow down has actually been kind of nice.

I’ve had Montessori trays on my to do list for months, but I’m actually making some now. lol. Maybe I’ll start posting some of them on my blog. This week the littles are doing some St. Patrick’s Day themed activities.

I keep seeing people recommend keeping a journal because this is such an unprecedented event. Not sure if I’ll do that online or not. Maybe?

For now, I’m just trying to focus on the positives. I’m also trying to relax and just go with the flow. Those of you who know me personally know that’s not my natural state. lol. For example, I generally have a pretty strict “no screens during the week” rule and I’ve thrown that out the window. But I am trying to set some limits so that Kate doesn’t just stare at a screen all day. Current policy is that she can video chat with her friends before 9 or after 2:30. It seems to be working? The kids are outside running around and they’ve created some kind of elaborate game. I’m going to consider that PE. lol.

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