Jillibean Soup

I’m such a slacker.  No post on Wednesday and today’s post is up late.  What can I say, it’s summer!  I’ve been channeling my inner Martha Stewart this week.  I roasted a whole chicken!  (Ok, RaptorDad had to give significant help because, well, ew.)  And now I have the carcass simmering on the stove to make broth.  I feel like such a good hippie.  🙂

farmer kate- RaptorMamaIn other news, I made a scrapbook page!  This is probably the fastest I’ve ever made one.  I bought this awesome Jillibean Soup paper and diecut pack on Tuesday, took the pictures on Wednesday and scrapbooked it on Thursday.  Love it.


G is for Garden

Time for a new theme!  I had a really hard time deciding on what to do for G.  Gorilla?  Giraffe?  Goat?  None of these were really striking my fancy, which was a bummer since I had tons of ideas for F.  Frogs, fish, flowers…  Then it hit me.  I could do flowers if we did G is for Garden!  Perfect.  Here are my trays for the week.

G is for Garden- RaptorMamaI found these flower stickers at Hobby Lobby and thought that we could continue with our color wheel/ rainbow fun.  I wouldn’t have repeated it, but that was the first thing Kate pulled out when I told her to get her last playing in with the frogs.  I probably should have made the color wheel in photoshop and printed it out, but I’m a bit pressed for time this week so I just drew it with a sharpie.

G is for Garden- RaptorMama-2Here’s another activity with the stickers.  The idea is to put one in each spot and then cut them apart.  Extension ideas include making patterns or rainbows.

G is for Garden- RaptorMama-5I made this one with E (3.5) in mind, but as soon as Raptor saw it she demanded to play with it.  First she just put one puff in each spot using the tongs.  Then I suggested she make some patterns and try to replicate them.  She really liked this.

G is for Garden- RaptorMama-3We’re taking a week off of the sight words, but I thought we’d still do a bit of math.  The problems are on the stems and the answers are on the flowers.  I made these more with A (almost 6) in mind since I think they might be a bit hard for Kate to do without counters.  She frequently surprises me though so we’ll see.  🙂

G is for Garden- RaptorMama-4I was cleaning up my scrap desk (shocking I know) and I came across these stamps so I threw them in a tray with a stamp pad and some paper.  I figure the girls can make some gardens and then color them in.  🙂

I also have some foam flower stickers which I figure we’ll play with this week.  It’s a bit late in the season to be growing things from seed here on the surface of the sun, but I’m pondering ways to do this with the girls.  We’ll see.  RaptorDad also really wants to make a “Dirt Cake” so we might be doing that later in the week.

I’m also halfway through with Raptor’s birthday banner, so finishing that is on the list for this week along with assembling goodie bags.  And maybe some party decorations.  Yikes!    Let’s hope it’s a productive week!






Project Life Week 9

I’m a few weeks behind (it’s currently week 12) but I’m working on catching up.  Rather, I’m treading water.  Maybe catching up will come next week.  🙂

Week 9Ablog1

Week 9Bblog1The To Do list for tomorrow includes G is for Garden and photo editing.  Of course, RaptorDad just fixed one of the computers so that I can print photos at home again so scrapping might win out.  🙂


Summer in January

As promised, here’s a fun summery layout.  Of course the pictures are from January, but to be fair we were playing in the water table.  🙂

summer in janI had a blast playing with my new The Pier goodies!  Man, I love this line.

summer in jan-2I added in some of this fun washi tape and these wood veneer stars.

summer in jan-3This title was not quite what I was expecting when I ordered the pack, but I think it’s growing on me.  🙂




Slight Delay

I’ll post a layout this afternoon.  Raptor and I are headed out to the pool at present.  🙂

DAD Pics

And the tradition continues.  🙂

DAD Pics

DAD Pics-2

DAD Pics-4I love this tradition.  I wonder how long she’ll let me get away with it…

DAD Pics-3

And an outtake.  In which Kate demonstrates her disdain for my photography skills.  lol.

We should be starting G is for Garden today, but we’re having so much fun with the frogs that we’re going to stick with them for one more week.  Love that we have the flexibility to do that.  🙂



Fun with Ribbon

I spilled a brand new pack of teeny tiny wood veneers all over my floor the other day.  After I finished cursing, I realized that I needed to find a better storage solution for these.  I actually have some single layer small tackle box things that I used to use when I sorted all of my embellishments by color.  Since I haven’t opened them in years, it seemed like I should repurpose them.  🙂  When I opened the first one up, I found tons of fun fiber from a million years ago.  Score!  I decided to use it on my next layout.

ribbon page-4I layered a bunch of ribbon and fibers to make a frame around this photo and then stapled them in place.  I really wanted to use 2 of my slide frames on other photos so I knew that I needed something to make this focal point picture stand out even more.  The ribbon was perfect.  I used to use this technique all the time and it was super fun to do it again.

ribbon page-2I love these slide frames from The Pier!  I’m actually getting another big order of stuff this weekend and most of it is from The Pier collection.  I’m so excited!

ribbon page-3I used the cut apart sheet for this journaling card.

ribbon pageAnd here’s the finished page.  It fought me a bit as I was putting it together, but in the end I really like it.





Project Life Week Eight

Week 8Ablog1I found some new digital printables!  Y’all, I even broke down and paid for these they were so cute.  🙂  I ended up getting Candy Shop and Bright Basics.  Precious.

Week 8Bblog1

Of course, I changed them up a bit and I also included some of the cards that I already had.  Still loving this project!



F is for Frog

Time for a new Letter of the Week!  We’re doing F is for Frog and I’m pretty excited because I found these really cute little frog bulletin board accents at the teacher store.

F is for Frog - RaptorMamaWe’re doing a fair amount of math this week.  First up are these counters for E (3.5).  She wasn’t that into the elephants last week so I found some 3D frogs and only did 1-5 instead of 1-10.

F is for Frog - RaptorMama-5Then I have some addition for A (almost 6) and Raptor (almost 4).

F is for Frog - RaptorMama-4I also have some tracing work for Raptor to practice forming her numbers.

F is for Frog - RaptorMama-3I made up some sight words that go along with The Cat in the Hat.  Not frog related, but Raptor recently told me that it was her favorite book.  🙂  This week we’re doing CAT, HAT, THE, ONE, TWO, and NOW.  Each word is a different color to make it a little easier to complete.

F is for Frog - RaptorMama-2She also keeps asking about the color wheel and primary and secondary colors.  Since these frogs came in rainbow colors, I thought we could practice putting them in order.  I also checked out a kids’ book on color from the library.  A loves rainbows too so I thought this could be fun.







Crate Paper’s The Pier


“I can do it!”  Words that strike fear into the hearts of preschool parents everywhere.  🙂  I had a lot of fun with this layout.  Supplies are all from Crate Paper’s The Pier aside from the wood veneer butterflies, washi tape, ink, and mists.  Can I just say again how much I love this line of paper?  I have a feeling I’m going to be ordering more very soon.  🙂i can do itI was a but stumped on how to adhere the letter tiles, but I settled for stapling them.  My stapler wasn’t big enough to reach the middle of the page, so I opened the stapler up and bunched up some fabric underneath.  Then I stapled into the fabric (like when you staple things to the wall?) and bent the ends over.  Clear as mud?  I’m not sure why I’m even trying to explain this.  Everyone knows how to do this.  lol.

i can do it-2