Fun with Ribbon

I spilled a brand new pack of teeny tiny wood veneers all over my floor the other day.  After I finished cursing, I realized that I needed to find a better storage solution for these.  I actually have some single layer small tackle box things that I used to use when I sorted all of my embellishments by color.  Since I haven’t opened them in years, it seemed like I should repurpose them.  🙂  When I opened the first one up, I found tons of fun fiber from a million years ago.  Score!  I decided to use it on my next layout.

ribbon page-4I layered a bunch of ribbon and fibers to make a frame around this photo and then stapled them in place.  I really wanted to use 2 of my slide frames on other photos so I knew that I needed something to make this focal point picture stand out even more.  The ribbon was perfect.  I used to use this technique all the time and it was super fun to do it again.

ribbon page-2I love these slide frames from The Pier!  I’m actually getting another big order of stuff this weekend and most of it is from The Pier collection.  I’m so excited!

ribbon page-3I used the cut apart sheet for this journaling card.

ribbon pageAnd here’s the finished page.  It fought me a bit as I was putting it together, but in the end I really like it.






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