Hello beautiful people! It’s November! I got a lot of quilting done in October and basically no scrapping. That’s ok though! Let’s see how I did…

  1. Hexie Blocks. I did it!!! I can’t believe it, but I have all of the hexie blocks done. Now I just need to sew them all together. lol.
  2. Butterfly/ Caterpillar Quilts. Backs are pieced and it’s all packed up at my grandmother’s house awaiting a visit from her friend who is a long-armer. I can’t wait!
  3. Project Life. Not a dang thing. lol.
  4. Scrapping. Nope.
  5. Advent Calendar. I finished the background! I didn’t manage to finish the pockets, but still feels great to be making some progress.
  6. Ice Cream Soda. I didn’t get much stitched together, but I did make some progress on prepping round 6. 🙂
  7. Halloween Costumes. Done! And so stinking cute. 🙂 Kate is a minecraft youtuber (I don’t know what that means either, but her friends were excited. 🙂 ) and the littles were the pigeon and the bus from “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”. Kate went trick or treating with some friends and we kept the littles home since they’re still not vaxxed (YET!!!) but they had a great time at their school’s Trunk or Treat and Kate brought home enough candy for 10 people. lol.
  8. Camping Plan. Camping was a success! We only ended up sleeping in the tent on Friday night, opting to leave at bedtime on Saturday and sleep in our own beds. No regrets!
  9. Fall Break Plan. Fall break was a huge success! So much fun at the lake house AND at the quilt retreat!
  10. Smitten Quilt. This is so freaking adorable. I’ve already gotten 2 blocks done and 2 more prepped. There are a total of 27 full blocks and 6 half blocks so this feels like pretty great progress.

November Goals! In November my husband usually does NaNoWriMo and I attempt NaNoWriMo which, yes, I just made up. lol. So if all goes to plan, I’ll try to post on Instagram each day with a little crafty update.

  1. Hexie Blocks. I’d love to get the 4th quadrant all assembled. I can’t believe the end is near! Well, the end of the epp. lol. I’ll still need to applique on a border and then quilt the dang thing. But still!
  2. Advent Calendar. I’d like to get the pockets finished and the first week’s worth of pieces done.
  3. NaNoCraftMo. Can I do a daily post? Maybe!
  4. December Daily Prep. Enough said. lol.
  5. Smitten. Hmm.. Maybe I can prep the remaining block 1 (2 to go) and the block 2 (5 to go)? I’d really love to get this all cut and prepped so I can clear off my sewing desk. lol.
  6. Christmas Shopping. I would love to get all of the presents sorted by the end of the month.
  7. Christmas Cards. I don’t think we’re doing professional pictures this year, so I’d like to take the kids out and do a little photo shoot and order some cards.
  8. Thanksgiving plan. All the baking! I need to make a menu and a plan.
  9. Kid Activities. Can we do 4 activities? Maybe!
  10. Project Life. Oh my poor neglected Project Life. Maybe 2 weeks is a more reasonable goal?

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