It’s almost Christmas!!! I feel like Buddy the Elf. lol. I finally caved and start subbing at the kids’ school. lol. They’ve asked several times and I suck at saying no, but it’s actually been pretty fun! I also read a whole series of books that Kate’s been super excited about- and she was right! They are fabulous! All that to say that I didn’t do great on my goals this month, but let’s take a look anyway, just for accountability.

  1. Hexie Blocks. Nope.
  2. Advent Calendar. Nope.
  3. NaNoCraftMo. Nope.
  4. December Daily Prep. Nope.
  5. Smitten. Nope. BUT I do now have 10 blocks either finished or prepped and I made a conscious decision to stop at this point. I have 2 of each color and I want to see how they all look before I prep any more.
  6. Christmas Shopping. I actually came pretty close on this one! We have all of the kid gifts done which is a huge relief. I’ve even already started wrapping!
  7. Christmas Cards. I didn’t get any ordered, but I did take pictures. 🙂
  8. Thanksgiving Plan. Done! And it was so much fun to get to see our family again this year!
  9. Kid Activities. hahahahahaha.
  10. Project Life. Nope.

OK. Clearly I need to get it together for December.

  1. December Daily. I probably won’t have it finished by the end of the month, but I’d like to have the pictures all edited and printed.
  2. Hexie Blocks. One of my big annual goals was to have the hexagon quilt top finished this year. At least up until the point where it’s time to add the border. I think it’s possible!
  3. Day Trip? I’m strongly considering taking the kids on a day trip to the beach over Christmas break. Will it actually happen? IDK, lol, but I love the beach so much and we didn’t get to go this summer.
  4. Scrapbooking. I’m seriously hoping that working on December Daily will inspire me to get back to scraping. I’m going to put down a goal of 10 old pages and 10 newer pages. There’s no way that this happens, but maybe! lol. Perhaps I should focus on the ghost of Christmas photos past since I’ll have my Christmas stuff out for December Daily…
  5. Christmas Cards. I need to get these ordered and shipped.
  6. Advent Calendar. I think it’s beyond hope to finish this year, but maybe I can skip ahead and get some of the toys done?
  7. St Lucia Buns. We love this tradition!
  8. Activity Advent Calendar. This is one of our favorites! And we’ll actually get to go do things this year!
  9. Downtown Lights. Our town has the cutest little Christmas lights display. Totally want to take the kids down there one evening.
  10. Cookie Stuff. I somehow agreed to be the cookie mom for Mia’s Girl Scout troop. ::sigh:: It’s going to be ok though. lol. I’d like to design some (cute) forms to help me with tracking and the troop with booths.

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