March is here!

What’s up spring!!!  We had a busy fun filled February and now we’re on to a busy (hopefully) fun filled March.  🙂  Let’s see the February goals.

  1.  Make my bed every day.  I did better at the beginning of the month.  lol.  But I would really like this to become a habit.  The room looks so much nicer when the bed is made.
  2. Sell all the cookies.  We did it!!!  And we will not do it again.  lol.  At least, not this many.  I know that plenty of people sell 1000 boxes or more, but 400 nearly killed us this year.  I’m thinking more like 200 next year.
  3. Get my family well!  Ugh.  We continued on the sick train in February adding a couple of ear infections, some throat gunk, and bonus pink eye.  ::yuck:: BUT, Mia is scheduled for new ear tubes on Tuesday and as a bonus they’re going to take out her adenoids and maybe her tonsils at the same time.  It’s not going to be a fun recovery, but we’re really hoping that this solves her recurrent sinus issues once and for all.
  4. Embroidery for quilt.  Still a work in progress…
  5. Spring break plans!  Sadly, our spring break plans devolved into surgery recovery plans.  Kate is going to get to go to Houston for a few days though so that should be fun.
  6. Interview book prep.  I’m still deeply in denial about preschool, but I did order the actual albums.  Now I just need to recreate the file and print the pages.
  7. Finish Kate’s patch blanket.  I need to do this…
  8. Bake something with Kate.  Success!   We made King Cake for Mardi Gras, and she took the lead on making some scones for a little tea party she had with her BFF.
  9. Valentine craft.  No, but I did score a canvas that I want to use for a St Patricks Dat handprint craft.
  10. December Daily.  I didn’t do a darn thing for December Daily, BUT I did finish a whopping TWELVE project life layouts.  🙂

March Goals

  1.  Surgery recovery.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
  2. Create files for interview book.
  3. Print interview book pages.
  4. Cut interview book pages.  I still need to find/ purchase all of the embellishments, but that can be done at a later date.  I ::have:: to have the pages printed before Mia starts school.
  5. Patch blanket.  I need to just dedicate a few nights to getting it up to date.
  6. Macaroons.  Kate and I want to try to make macaroons over spring break.  🙂
  7. St Patrick’s Day festivities.  We’re going to attempt to make some pretzels.  Also, the aforementioned handprint canvas.  Maybe other stuff?  We’ll see.
  8. Order name labels for Mia’s stuff.  ::sob::
  9. Scrap!  I’d love to keep the momentum going on Project Life!
  10. Hexie Love.  I’d love to get another 9 flowers stitched together.  🙂

I’ll try to get a few non-goals blog posts up in March, but I make no promises.  lol.


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