In Which January Kicked my Butt

Oh January, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  lol.  All 3 of the kids have been sick one after another and it’s so hard to see my babies (all 3 of them!) feeling bad.  Plus, Kate was sick for the first weekend of cookie sales so we had to cancel her 3 best booths.  Ugh.  Anyone want to buy some cookies?!?  I’m starting to panic.  lol.  So my January wasn’t as productive as it usually is.  Still, let’s take a look see.

  1.  Clean all the things.  Hahahahahahahaha.  Yeah right.  Still, I think I filled up 3 or 4 trash bags so that’s better than nothing.
  2. December Daily.  I made some progress, but I’m far from finished.  I think I’m on day 16?  Hopefully once the kiddos are better we can get back to our regular weekend schedule which includes scrappy time for me on Saturdays and garage time for RaptorDad on Sundays.  We’re both missing it!
  3. Cookie Booth Decorations.  Holy crap y’all!  RaptorDad went above and beyond with the cookie booth.  I was thinking a sign, but he made us a whole booth!  He’s so awesome.  🙂File Feb 02, 9 44 17 AM
  4. Swimming.  Well, between sick kids, sick mama, and selling cookies, I haven’t gotten much swimming in this month and the kids haven’t gotten to swim at all.  🙁  But it’s a new month!
  5. I tried one new salad and brought back an old favorite.  So halfway there?
  6. Interview book.  Ugh.  I haven’t done anything for this.
  7. Hexagons!  I’ve been having so much fun with these.  🙂  I might have to do a whole blog post about them.  Oh, and I’ve now got 4 separate hexagon quilt projects going.  Why yes, I am insane.  Why do you ask?  File Feb 02, 10 03 38 AM File Feb 02, 10 01 26 AM
  8. Daily photos.  I did great for a week.  lol.  Maybe I’ll try for 1 week a month of daily DSLR pics…
  9. Load challenge.  Hahahahahahahaha.  I only got 9 pages done.  See above re sick kids.  But, I got a lot of hexagons done so that was super fun.  🙂
  10. Blog.  My poor neglected blog.  lol.

February Goals.  Oh boy.

  1.  Make my bed every day.  I’ve never made the bed in my life.  lol.  But, if I’m making a whole darn quilt for it, I’d better get in the habit now.
  2. Sell all the cookies.  ::sigh::  We’ve sold 239 and we have 161 to go.  Ugh.  I’m hoping to have 300 sold before the end of the weekend.  Not sure if that’s possible.
  3. Get my family well!  One kid just finished antibiotics, one kid is halfway through a course of antibiotics, and one is starting antibiotics today.
  4. Embroidery for quilt.  I know how to do embroidery on felt from all of the stocking kits I’ve done, but somehow that isn’t translating to embroidering on cotton.  Need to trouble shoot this.  You know.  Because just making 4000 hexagons isn’t complicated enough.  😉
  5. Spring break plans!  I want to go to the beach for a few days!  Need to make this happen.
  6. Interview book prep.  Y’all.  I need to stop being in denial about preschool starting and finish Mia’s interview book.
  7. Finish Kate’s patch blanket.  This is an ongoing project, but she has a backlog of patches that need to be sewn on before her camping trip in March.
  8. Bake something with Kate.  I promised her that once we sold all of the cookies I would bake something with her.
  9. Valentine craft.  I want to do a little craft project with the babies.
  10. December Daily.  I want to finish this so I can clear off my desk and make a plan for catching up on Project Life.  🙂

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