Interview Books Are Done!!!

I finally finished the interview books for Mia and Xander!!!  Longtime readers might remember when I made an interview book for Kate.  If not, check out this (super old) blog post where I did a tutorial.  🙂

Photo Mar 12, 3 49 42 PM

Well, now that the time is nearing for my tiny baby big girl to start school I realized that I needed to get my tush in gear and make ones for the twins!  Amazingly enough I was able to get all of the supplies, though I may have paid a bit of a premium for a few of them.  Whoops.

Photo Mar 12, 4 03 59 PM

I also realize that I never came back and updated the old post once I actually used the book so here you go.  🙂  I’m using Kate’s book for the photos since I actually have it up to date and the twins’ books are still blank.  I take Kate’s picture on the first day of school every year.  At first I thought that I would take it in front of our door so you could see her growth over the years with the door knob as a reference point, but I quickly realized that our poo brown HOA mandated door color is not an attractive backdrop for photos so I switched to our front porch.

Photo Mar 12, 4 05 27 PM

Of course, then we came to the last day of school.  We were filling out the interview book on the eve of the last day of school and RaptorDad just assumed that I was taking pics on the porch with the chalkboard for the last day of school.  Which seemed like a great idea to me!  But then, where to put the pics…  I decided to make use of the backsides of the cardstock and added a velum pocket for the annual report card.  This is also where I put her class photo.  I actually take a picture of the picture (don’t worry, I pay for the 8×10) and resize it to 4×6 so it fits in the book.  (I covered it up because I don’t like to post pics of other people’s kids online without permission, but you get the idea.)

Photo Mar 12, 4 05 48 PM

I love seeing how her answers change every year!  And I love having a sample of her handwriting.  <3

Photo Mar 12, 4 05 58 PM

And since the whole books is already put together, it’s easy to keep up with.  🙂  Sometimes there’s a delay in printing the pics because I don’t want to pay shipping for one 8×8 photo, but the actual interview portion only takes a few minutes and is always fun to do the night before right after dinner.  Side note: apparently 8 is the new 13.  yikes!

This is actually one of my favorite memory projects because it’s so easy!  It’s a fair bit of work and expense upfront, but now that is’s done, it’s done.  🙂  Well, except for the idea I recently had for the cover page, but I’ve got to convince RaptorDad to put his mad photoshop skills to use for that.  lol.



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