Tissue Paper Stained Glass

As we’re wrapping up A is for Apple, I thought that this craft deserved its own post!  By far our biggest hit of the week was the contact paper “stained glass” apple craft.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_It also has the benefit of being super duper easy.Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-2

Basically, you draw the shape (in this case an A) on a piece of construction paper and carefully cut it out from the center so that you are left with the negative space intact.  Then use that as a stencil to draw the same shape onto a piece of clear contact paper.  Give your child some tissue paper (I did red, green, and brown for the apple) and let them go to town!  It’s like collage without having to deal with glue or mod podge.  Win!  Kate loved it so much that we made letter As with the leftover tissue paper.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-3


Once you’re done, you stick it to the back side of your construction paper and it frames it.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-5

We taped ours up on the sliding glass door and they look so pretty with the light coming through.  Almost like a faux stained glass.

Raptormama B is for Bumblebee_-4

Here’s another one viewed from the back side.  A is for Alligator y’all.

These were such a hit that we’re making Bumblebees this week.


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