Colored Water Fun

It was such a pretty day yesterday that Kate and I decided to play outside.  I stumbled across this awesome blog a while ago and have been wanting to try out the idea for mixing colored water.  Kate had a blast and it was super easy.  Win! Win!

I got a few tupperware containers and put water in them.  Raptor found the addition of one drop of food coloring to be super cool.

We had one big tupperware container that she could pour the little ones into to see how the colors mixed.  She ended up using it mainly as a place to discard the water.

Mixing yellow and blue to make green was by far the most dramatic color change.

I was a bit worried that it would stain her clothes, but it was so watered down that it wasn’t an issue.  Kate was totally enthralled in this activity.  We will definitely be doing it again!





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