Happy Fall Y’all!

Here’s my very late September goals post. 🙂

August Goals

  1. Register kids for school. Done! And they’ve started! I think school is going well so far. And they’re riding the bus!
  2. Scavenger hunt. This was super fun. We only managed to get 4 or 5 things in the time limit, but I’m going to keep looking. 🙂
  3. 4 more blog posts in August. I made 3! Honestly, I’m pretty impressed with myself for getting that many done in the midst of a move.
  4. Fairy houses. We collected lots of materials, but then ended up not actually making the houses. But we still had fun working on them. I think we might try this again in our new house!
  5. Hiking. We ended up needing to make quite a few trips down the mountain to deal with house and school stuff, but we did find a nice 1 mile loop near the air bnb and we enjoyed taking the puppy on walks there.
  6. Finalize plans for Africa. Oh boy. Y’all, I leave a week from tomorrow and I’m not ready!!! I have loads to do this week, but I’m so freaking excited I almost can’t stand it! I can’t believe the date is almost here!!!
  7. Milky Way Photo. I got some that looked pretty cool from the back of my camera. We haven’t managed to get the iMac set up yet so no telling how they actually turned out, but the experience was super fun and I’m looking forward to trying again while we’re in Africa.
  8. Game night. We aren’t back to our weekly game yet, but we did play a few times in the cabin and it was nice to do something that felt normal again.
  9. Planner. I finally ordered one yesterday! It should arrive around the same time I get back from Africa. I’m so excited to have a planner again!
  10. Hexies. I made some more progress! I’m very eager to finish this project. I haven’t gotten a chance to work on it since we’ve been in the new house, but soon!

September goals anyone?

  1. Um, unpack?
  2. And unpack some more.
  3. And then pack for Africa.
  4. Unpack more boxes.
  5. A few more boxes
  6. Assemble some furniture.
  7. Unpack even more boxes.
  8. Good lord the boxes keep multiplying.
  9. Why are there so many boxes???
  10. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

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