Hexagon Progress!

I’m far from finished with the hand quilting, but I’ve decided to try out my idea for binding it anyway. And I love how it’s turning out! (Don’t worry, I’m only binding bits that have at least one line of quilting through them.)

I decided to keep the irregular hexagon edge instead of trimming it and I’m so glad I did. I’m a little bit missing the feeling of a stripy binding acting as an outline, but overall I think this is going to be awesome. I’m super glad that I splurged on my favorite teal and white background and I’m only wishing a little bit that I had hand stitched the 2 pieces of backing fabric fabric as that one seam is the only one done by machine in the entire quilt! The hexagons on the back will mostly be tone on tone white, but every once in a while I’m throwing in a rainbow of Alison Glass. I’m willing to spend so much time on the back because this quilt is going on my bed, and I figure when we get tired of the super busy front, we can have the teal side up for a while. 🙂

We’re all eagerly awaiting moving in to our new house! Target close date is the 30th, but we’re crossing all fingers and toes that we’ll close early.

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