December Daily Day 7

You guys! December Daily is one of my favorite projects, but historically I struggle to keep up with it during December and end up finishing it sometime over the summer. And in 2017 I didn’t finish it at all. ::womp womp:: So last year I switched to a smaller 4×4 format and I freaking love it! Today is December 7th, and I sat down this morning and knocked out days 3-7 while my kiddos watched a little video on St Nicholas. 🙂

I was having so much fun that I dug out my 2017 album with the intention of knocking it out too, but the larger 6×8 size was so intimidating! Not to mention that many days had extra page protectors inserted to accommodate more photos and cards. I love the style, but it’s just not right for this crazy time in our lives! I’m stuck on December 16th which is when we had our big extended family Christmas and I am dreading sorting though and printing all of the photos.

But you know what? It’s been 2 years already… it can wait a bit longer. lol. I think I’m going to pack up the December Daily stuff until next weekend and work on prepping more windchime blocks. 🙂

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