How have I not blogged about my hexagons yet?!? If you follow me on instagram, you know that I am obsessed with hexagons right now.  🙂  In fact I just finished up my 3rd block!

Photo Apr 23, 1 07 58 PM

Maybe I should back up a little.  Since I’m insane, I’ve decided to make a king size quilt entirely by hand out of tiny 7/8th inch hexagons.  I imagine I’ll be finished sometime around my 80th birthday.

Photo Mar 20, 7 25 14 PM

Why so tiny?  Because I have fallen in love with charm packs.  These are little bundles of fabric precut to 5 inches by 5 inches.  You can make 4 hexagons out of a piece of fabric that size if you make the hexagons 7/8th of an inch.  🙂

Photo Mar 20, 3 12 08 PM

Say hello little hexagon!  First I baste the fabric around a piece of paper, then I stitch the hexagons together into little flowers.

File Feb 02, 10 03 38 AM

Remember when I said that each piece of fabric was big enough to make 4 hexagons?  I go ahead and baste all 4 hexagons at the same time, but I’m only stitching one in for now.  I want to have a good mix of fabrics throughout the whole quilt so I put the other 3 aside for now.  Once I’m 1/4 of the way through, I’ll stitch up the rest.

Photo Apr 23, 1 06 50 PM

Here’s my current stash of “orphan hexies.”  There are 670 of them.  ::imagine a shocked emoji here::  Once I have 9 flowers, I stitch them together into what I’m calling a block.  So far I’ve made 3 of them.  I don’t plan on stitching the blocks together until I’ve finished all of the blocks because I keep buying more fabric and I want to make sure that there’s a good mix.

Photo Apr 23, 1 07 40 PM

Each of these blocks has 9 flowers along with some extra hexies to join them together.  All in all, each block has 75 hexies.

I thought I was doing pretty good until I laid them out on my bed and saw how much farther I had to go!  lol.  I’m guessing I will need somewhere between 7×7 and 9×9 blocks.  Which means somewhere between 49 and 81 blocks.  On the low end of that number, it will take me roughly 4 years to complete the quilt top if I can manage to keep going at my current pace.



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