It’s December!!!

Oh my gosh, the time has been flying!!!  I’m not quite sure how it happened, but it’s already December!  And I am determined to make this an awesome December.  First, let’s see how I did in November.

  1.  Gratitude Banner. We skipped this this year, but I’m planning to do it next year for sure.  I just need to think about it in October, not November.  lol.
  2. December Daily prep.  I ordered another kit on Cyber Monday, does that count?  hahahahaha
  3. May Project Life.  Nope.
  4. June Project Life.  Nope.
  5. Scrap January 2017.  Yes!  Whoo hoo.
  6. Jake’s Stocking.  I have been working on this a ton and I’m getting so close!  Maybe I’ll post a progress pic on instagram later today.
  7. Take down Halloween decorations.  Done.
  8. Bake for Thanksgiving.  Done.  Oh my y’all.  I ended up making 5 pies and oreo truffles.  Because I’m a crazy person.  lol.
  9. Christmas Prep.  I have so many ideas!  But I didn’t get much done other than deciding that I was going to make a Christmas tree skirt.  Perhaps it will be done before Kate graduates high school.  lol.
  10. NaNoCraftO.  This was hit or miss.  I think next year I want to be more intentional and organized about it.  It was fun though.  🙂

December Goals!

  1.  December Daily.  This is one of my favorite projects of the year!  I would really like to keep up with it this year, with a one day delay.  (So scrapping the 1st on the 2nd, etc.)  I doubt I will manage to keep up with that, but I would like to finish the project by the end of December, and not have it hanging over my head in May.
  2. Jake’s Stocking.  This must be done.  Must.
  3. Order Christmas cards.
  4. Address/ send Christmas cards.
  5. Take Christmas pics.  I’m not using them for Christmas cards, but I do want to get some pics of the kids in their Christmas outfits.  Especially since we got Baby Jake a matching outfit too!  Yay cousin pics!!!
  6. Road trip book.  We’re taking 2 road trips this month, one with just me and the kids to San Antonio, and one whole family trip to Houston.  I want to make Kate an activity book for the car.
  7. Decorate Christmas tree.
  8. Christmas Menu.
  9. Cookie Booth plan.
  10. Planner stickers.  I’m getting closer, but I still can’t figure out the settings on my silhouette to have it cut through the sticker but not the sticker backing.

Wish me luck!


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