Water Water Everywhere

So, our house almost flooded last night.  That was fun.  Not.  Luckily the neighbors went around clearing the storm drains during a break in the rain and the water started receding, but it was inches from my front door.  Might need to rethink my policy of declining flood insurance on the grounds that we’re nowhere near a body of water and it never rains here.

puddle collage

Raptor had a blast jumping in the puddles which, in her mind,  more than made up for the time spend “hunkered down” in the hallway yesterday during the tornado warning.

I can’t decide if I love that it’s downright cold this May or if I’m irritated that we can’t go swimming yet.  It’s usually swimming weather here right around mid-April so this is definitely throwing me for a loop.

I shot these pics with my brand spanking new 35 mm lens.  I <3 it.


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