Bluebonnet Pics

Sorry for the radio silence last week.  I have been wiped out.  Pretty much I get home from work and want to go to bed.  So much for the blog buffer, lol.  I did drag myself out to get Raptor an Easter dress and managed to take a few bluebonnet pics.

bluebonnetsIt’s nothing like last year’s amazing sea of bluebonnets, but I managed to find a pretty good field.  The fact that it had a little ditch helped.

bluebonnets-2It made it easier to crop out the hotel in the background.  lol.

bluebonnets-3As much as I would love to pretend that I’m going to take pictures of the babies in the bluebonnets, I think there’s no way that’s going to happen this year.  Plus, how do you take pictures of a newborn that can’t sit up yet in what are essentially spikey weeds?


I had fun taking Raptor out for one last solo photo shoot though.  It’s hard to believe that in a week and a half (or less!) she won’t be an only child anymore.  I’m getting a little teary thinking about it.






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