H is for Heart

So, I decided to cheat and reuse all of my Valentine’s Day stuff this week.  I’m so glad I did!

IMG_0289I have all of the trays and crafts in the same box as our party decorations so I went ahead and put some of them up too.  Raptor is beyond thrilled.

IMG_0277Here is our counting work.  I’m not entirely sure that we have all 60 counters anymore, but since this is aimed for for E and we’re working on 1-5, I think we’ll be fine.

IMG_0279I also pulled out our uppercase/ lowercase letter magnets.  I might just work with E on putting them in order, but if they want to play with them as magnets I’ll get out a cookie sheet.

IMG_0286I threw in the puffs last week almost as an afterthought, but they were a big hit with all 3 girls!  I couldn’t find my heart ice cube tray, so I just used a muffin tin.

IMG_0280For math, I wrote out several problems and put them in a tin with a bunch of foam heart stickers.  I’m thinking they can stick the hearts to the paper to count with.

IMG_0282Basic craft with some stamps.  I’ll throw in the safety scissors when I find them.

IMG_0302I imagine this will actually be the biggest hit.  We got Raptor some new playdoh and I pulled out our party table cloth in hopes of containing some of the mess.  I’m so excited for this week!  I had forgotten how much fun it is to do a holiday theme.  There’s just so much fun stuff to work with.  🙂  We’ll be working on this for for 2 weeks I’m sure.








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