Cross Stitch

I started these hand towels for my grandmother, oh about 10 years ago.  Time to finish, don’t you think?

IMG_7299There was a deceptively small amount of actual cross stitching, but a *ton* of backstitching.  First one is done!  I really hope to have the second one finished by Sunday to give to my grandmother when I see her for breakfast.  ::fingers crossed::

In other news, I think we’ve just about decided to pull Kate out of preschool for June and July.  (We’re pretty much decided on July, but June’s still up in the air.)  What’s that mean for the blog?  I’m going to be blatantly stealing putting together a Letter a Week curriculum for this summer.  I might actually do 2 letters a week so that we can get through the whole alphabet.  Kate already knows her letters (frankly, she’s just about taught herself to read) but she and I both love theme activities and there’s a bit of a dry spell between Easter and Halloween.  lol.  I figure the letters will help give us a focus.  Hmm…  How many weeks are there until October?  Maybe I’ll start now.  🙂  More details next week once I decide on some.

Update: I just counted and if I start on Monday there are exactly 26 weeks between then and the first full week in October.  It’s a sign!  I think we’ll be starting on Monday.  🙂  I suspect that some weeks will have lots of stuff and some weeks will have very little, but I love having a plan.  I’m off to Pinterest.  🙂



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