December Goals

It’s December y’all! And I feel like I’m living on the set of a Hallmark movie. Seriously, it snowed and it was MAGICAL! Let’s see how those November goals went.

  1. Advent calendar. Whoops. Although I did make some more progress! I’ve now gotten 14 of the ornaments done. Only 10 to go! And the kids are having so much fun!
  2. Advent activies. Fail. I’m still writing on them each day right before I pull them. lol.
  3. Thanksgiving. The week leading up to Thanksgiving was a real doozy, but the actual day was lovely. Complete with facetime calls to talk with family back home.
  4. Christmas list. Well, I didn’t get much of anything done in November, but this week I’ve gotten quite a bit ordered and shipped. Mostly thanks to my elves over at Amazon!
  5. Project Life. lololololol.
  6. NaNoCraftMo. I’ll be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it this year. I need to get my crafty mojo back!
  7. Blog. Well, I got 1 out of 4. Better than nothing!
  8. Hang some pictures. Nope.
  9. Christmas cards. Nope. To be fair, I could still try to get these out, but ugh.
  10. Front yard pictures. I was hoping for a somewhat posed family picture (see above re Christmas cards) and I didn’t manage to get that. But I did some fun candids of the kids playing in the leaves! 🙂

And now onto December! (Only ::checks watch:: 8 days late. Whoops.)

  1. Advent Calendar. It’s almost comical at this point, but I still feel compelled to put it on here. Can I finish another handful of the ornaments?
  2. St Lucia Buns. Yummy yummy. I want to make these again this year.
  3. Buy all the things. After today, I’m so close to being done!
  4. Wrap all the things. We went up to Target this week and picked out this year’s wrapping paper. 🙂
  5. December Daily. I seriously doubt that I make any progress on this, but I’d at least like to have a photo for each day.
  6. Project Life. 4 layouts.
  7. Scrapbooking. Maybe I could do a big push to finish 2019 before 2024? lolololol
  8. Reflect on 2023 goals and create 2024 goals.
  9. Plan activities for Christmas break.
  10. Write thank you notes.

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