It’s September!

You guys! It’s September! And August has been great! I’ve actually gotten a lot done and I am super excited to set goals for the month. First let’s check in on last month.

  1. Hexie Blocks. Done! In fact, I’m pretty close to finishing a second one. 🙂
  2. Ice Cream Soda Blocks. Nope. I actually need to cut some more papers on the laser so that’s been put on the back burner for now.
  3. Organize. Partial credit. I only got one bag out of the art room, but I started going through the twin’s clothes and got rid of a bunch of stuff!
  4. Pinwheels. Done!!! And I even started sewing the pinwheels together!
  5. Bee Yourself. Another partial credit. I did get the 4th row done and assembled, but I didn’t get any additional blocks done. That’s ok though. I think I’m going to let myself ruminate on it for a while while I try to finish up the butterfly and caterpillar quilts for the twins.
  6. Project Life. Amazingly, done!
  7. Scrapping. In another surprise victory, also done! And I discovered that I still love scrapbooking. 🙂
  8. Back to School Interviews. Done! I didn’t get the pics printed, but I did get them edited and that’s honestly half the battle. lol.
  9. Windchime Quilt. Another partial credit. I finished the EPP, but I haven’t gotten it appliqued yet.
  10. Monthly Kid Adventure. Only did one state park visit, but we did get to go swimming several times. 🙂

So… Monthly goals for September!

  1. Hexie Blocks. I need to get 2 done this month. And I think I can totally make that happen.
  2. Butterfly/ Caterpillar Quilt. I want to finish sewing the pinwheels together and then get the tops done!
  3. Project Life. I’d like to keep current with September and also get April 2021 done. That’s 7 layouts.
  4. Scrapping. I’d like to keep current with September, and also finish March 2019. Time to start catching up!
  5. Windchime Quilt. I’d love to get that 12th block appliquéd.
  6. Staff Development. ::sob:: I’ve put this off as long as I dare. I think I’m going to try to get 6 hours a week so 24 hours by the end of September? I also need to come up with an actual plan to make sure that I get all of this hours done.
  7. Advent Calendar. Time to get serious if I have any hopes of finishing this by December 1st. lol.
  8. Ice Cream Soda Blocks. I really want to prep the next round.
  9. Mixed Media. I need to make another batch of backgrounds if I’m going to keep up with the scrappy goals.
  10. Retreat Plan. I’m actually going to a quilting retreat in October with my grandmother! I want to come up with a plan for what to work on. 🙂

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