Summer is Here!!!

Yay!  My kids are finally out of school for the year and we are all thrilled.  🙂  They are truly at the best ages.  I know that last year I said I wasn’t going to let my twins hold me hostage anymore, but this year I really mean it!  lol.  First let’s take a look at the May goals though, shall we?

  1.  Hexie block number 4.  I went down to the wire on this one, but I did get it done.  🙂  I love the embroidered hexie for this one.  IMG_8154
  2. Hogwarts Summer School.  I didn’t get anything done on this.  lol.  But we’re having fun anyway!  This week we spent a day at the Thinkery with friends, Kate has gone swimming and to a fun birthday party, and we’ve gotten to hang out with my mom and dad in their awesome backyard.
  3. Kate’s vest.  Done!  The girls had their bridging and I am still in disbelief that I have a junior girl scout!
  4. Road Trip Prep.  Whoops.  lol.
  5. Scrapbook.  I’d love to get April, May, and June done.  Well, I did get April done so that’s something.
  6. Project Life.  November, check.  December, not so much.
  7. Summer Bucket List.  Done!  We are going to have so much fun!  Plus, I just ordered some Pogo passes which will let us do ton of fun stuff this summer.
  8. Make summer currency.  Still need to get this done.
  9. Summer Store.  Still need to get this done too.
  10. Teach Kate to ride her bike!  Looks like I was slacking pretty hard core this month as I didn’t get this done either.  lol.  Onto next month!

June Goals

  1.  Hexie block #5.  No lie, I’d love to make some progress on block #6 as well.
  2. Plan Hogwarts Summer School weeks 2-6.
  3. Kate’s patch blanket.  I need to get a few things sewn on before she goes to camp.  🙂
  4. Road Trip Prep.  It’s next week!  I can’t wait for beach time!!!
  5. Scrapbook.  Fingers crossed for a May and June finish.
  6. Project Life.  I’d love to finish December and get a nice start on January.
  7. Summer store/ currency.
  8. Write Kate letters for camp.  I like to send her a little something every day while she’s at Girl Scout Camp.
  9. Order Prints.  I bought a print credit (200 prints) while Persnickety Prints had them on sale and I’d love to get a big batch edited and ordered.  I also want to order the 8×8 prints for the kids’ interview books.
  10. Plan Kate’s 9th birthday party.  She keeps going back and forth between wanting a big party and wanting to have her BFF sleep over.  lol.

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