Turkey Math Game

Raptor and I decided that we needed some new Thanksgiving stuff.  After taking a look at my pinterest board, I decided on this turkey math game.  But of course, we have no M&Ms because, duh, I ate them all.  😉  I decided to cut it all out of construction paper and laminate it.  I also simplified the rules a bit since Raptor is only 5.



The turkey is preassembled (and laminated), then the feathers are laminated separately.  I made 6 cards (I’m thinking of bringing this over to the ILs on Thanksgiving for Raptor to play with her cousins) and I made 9 feathers for each turkey.  That’s a lot of feathers y’all.

The way you play is this, you roll 2 dice (die?) and then add them together.  That’s me sneaking in the math.  😉  If you roll between 2-5, you can add a yellow feather to your turkey.  Between 6-8, you can add an orange feather.  Between 9-12, you can add a red.  Whoever makes their turkey first, wins!

It was a hit over here.


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