Backyard Regatta

Michael had the brilliant idea to have a backyard regatta a few weeks ago.  We gave Kate and her friends some foam stickers and some styrofoam bowls that have been sitting in our pantry for years.  Literally.  We stopped using paper plates or bowls in an effort to be more green several years ago.  Throwing them away seemed to totally defeat the purpose so they’ve been cluttering up our pantry ever since.  First order of business was to decorate the boats.

Kate thought that the bottom of the boat would be the best place to stack up some stickers.  She’s a fan of layering.

Michael and I jury rigged some sails out of straws, index cards, and scotch tape.  Durable they were not, but it worked for a few races.

We launched the boats in our above ground pool.  I thought that the overabundance of stickers on the bottom of Kate’s boat would put her at a disadvantage, but it actually worked in her favor.  Her boat capsized and then the boat itself acted as a sail.

It probably didn’t hurt that her boat crossed paths with the output of our filter.  🙂

And the winner is the USS Raptor!

I imagine this would also be a lot of fun in a kiddie pool.  Maybe even more fun because the kids would be able to get closer to the boats.  I imagine there are more bowl boats in our future.  After all, we still have a ton of styrofoam bowls in our pantry.


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