My Blog Is Back!

You guys! I’ve missed you! (All 3 of you. lol.) My blog self destructed back in June and I missed it more than expected. Luckily RaptorDad is the bomb and he got it moved over to a new hosting service and all fixed up. I’m just going to jump in with my (in progress) September goals real quick like, and then get back to scrapping during preschool time. That’s right sports fans, Xander is now going to preschool 2 days a week and it’s been amazing!!!

1.  Hexies. I got a bit behind last month so I actually need to do 2 hexie blocks.  I’m going to be writing a longer blog post re the hexes a bit later complete with a poll!

2.  Piece Quilt Back for Charm Quilt.  Actually, I’ve already scrapped this idea.  lol.  I ordered some backing fabric yesterday because I have too many other ideas to spend time piecing the back of a quilt.

3.  Halloween Costume Plan.  I’m open to ideas.  lol.

4.  February Project Life.  This is actually done!!!  Now I just need to order some more prints.

5.  Which brings me to this goal, edit and upload pics for March and April Project Life.

6.  Scrap June 2017.  Yes, I am that far behind…  Le sigh.  On the upside, I’ve officially finished this one and it’s on my shelf.

7.  Scrap May 2018.  This is on my list for this morning!

8.  I want to keep the progress going and try to catch up a bit!  So I need to edit more pics.  Whomp Whomp.  I’d like to get July, August, and September 2017 pics uploaded.

9.  Stretch Goal is to scrap April 2018.  Not sure if that’s possible, but hey, preschool!  lol.

10.  Make 3 hexie flowers for a super secret Christmas project.

Guest Post: Resisting No

Raptor Dad here, with a post that is a little more philosophical and a little less how to. Little Raptor loves to paint and be creative which makes me smile. I have a degree in art after all, it was what I dedicated my life to for the first 22 years. Unfortunately, Raptor often wants to be creative at times that seem inconvenient or what’s worse, she wants to paint the wrong way! The wrong way?

I know, I should know better. I went to an art school that frowned on illustration and I railed against the “system” insisting on putting illustrative work in the student show on more than one occasion just for the sake of doing it. That said, I grew up without a lot of money and was certainly poor in art school. That’s built-in a strong respect for the tools. It flusters me when Raptor wants to mix paints the wrong way. Today, I decided I would take a step back, have a cocktail, and let her go nuts.

In the end it was easy to just sit back and let her do her thing. There was less stress for everyone and Raptor learned about mixing paint and cleaning brushes. Not just because I told her about it but because she got a practical lesson by seeing what happened when she didn’t clean the brush between strokes. It’s important to learn by doing and I think that we, as first time parents, sometimes have a hard time letting Raptor do that.