November Goals

October was a crazy busy month!  We went camping twice for Girl Scouts which was fun but exhausting.  lol.  I didn’t get a much accomplished as I was hoping to, but tomorrow is another day.  😉

  1.  Halloween Costumes.  Done.  We tossed our original (super complicated) plan in favor of skeleton pajamas for all the kids.  I felt a little bad phoning it in, but it was nice not to be scrambling at the last minute.
  2. Hang new pics.  Done!  I am so happy with the way it turned out.  🙂
  3. May Project Life.  I didn’t get anything done on Project Life.  Whoops.
  4. June Project Life.
  5. Scrap November 2016.  Done!
  6. Scrap December 2016.  Amazingly enough, I finished this one too.  All of 2016 is done!
  7. Yoga Shirt.  Ugh.  The actual shirt that I ordered disappeared, but I did cut out the vinyl and give it to her.
  8. Jake’s Stocking.  I didn’t get nearly enough done on this.  Whoops!
  9. Hexies!  I bought some more fabric, does that count?  😉
  10. Find Interview Book file.  Nada.

November Goals:

  1.  Gratitude Banner. Um, I really need to figure this out today, huh.  I’m planning to use this to help us focus on gratitudes this month and to help Kate work on her writing.
  2. December Daily prep.  I ordered a kit today!  Yay!  But I want to go through and sort through my Christmas stuff.  I’m considering making a little kit for Kate with stuff I won’t use so she can make a December Daily of her own.
  3. May Project Life.  Maybe?  lol.  I need to get caught up on this.
  4. June Project Life.  lol.  A girl can dream.
  5. Scrap January 2017.
  6. Jake’s Stocking.  Oh boy.  Maybe this should be my only goal for the month.  lol.
  7. Take down Halloween decorations.
  8. Bake for Thanksgiving.
  9. Christmas Prep.  We’re hosting Christmas Eve this year for my fam and I’m super excited!  🙂  I’m thinking of sprucing up some of our decorations.
  10. NaNoCraftO.  Michael does NaNoWriMo every November and I get BORED!  I’m thinking of giving NaNoCraftO another go.  lol.  This is where I try to do something creative every day.