October Goals!

September has been a bit nutty as we get back in the swing of school time stuff, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I even managed to get some stuff crossed off of my crafty to do list!

  1.  Scrap October 2016.  Done!
  2. Halloween Costume Plan.  Ugh.  I keep waffling back and forth.  I need to just made a decision and stick to it!
  3. March Project Life.  Done!
  4. April Project Life.  Done!
  5. Finish Drew’s stocking.  Done!
  6. Redo bookshelves.  Done!
  7. Create 3 Montessori trays.  Done!  In fact, I made 9!  I should blog them, huh.  lol.
  8. Print interview book pages. ¬†I got the paper for this, but I can’t actually fine the file on my computer. ¬†lol.
  9. Order remaining supplies for interview books. ¬†This didn’t happen, but I did order prints for Kate’s interview book and for our living room wall. ¬†Oh, and I bought new frames!
  10. Assemble interview books.  Nope.


  1.  Halloween Costumes!  I need to finalize the plan in the next few days so I can get cracking on these.
  2. Hang new pics!  The prints should be here this week.  Yay!
  3. May Project Life.
  4. June Project Life.
  5. Scrap November 2016.  Pics are already printed.
  6. Scrap December 2016.  This one is a bit of a stretch goal.  lol.  I did edit/ print pics for it today though.
  7. Yoga Shirt.  My friend asked me to make her a shirt and I need to get it done!
  8. Jake’s Stocking. ¬†I only have 2 months to get this done, so I’d better get cracking!
  9. Hexies!  I have a Christmas present idea for some of my hexies, but I need to make loads more.
  10. Find Interview Book file. ¬†I either need to find it or I need to recreate it. ¬†lol. ¬†I’d like to go ahead and get these printed even if I don’t get the albums/ embellies purchased.