July Goals

On to a new month!  Let’s see how June went, shall we?

  1.  Scrap April 2016.  Done!
  2. Scrap May 2016.  Done!  And can I just add that this means that I finished up 6 months of scrapbooking in 2 months?  And that I’m no longer more than a year behind?  Because, AWESOME!
  3. Project Life.  I finished November and December!
  4. Camp Half-Blood.  We’ve decided that a theme every 2 or 3 weeks is more our style.  🙂  We’ve been having loads of fun with Medusa week though.  🙂
  5. Camp Half-Blood shirts.  Yeah, this still hasn’t happened.  Whoops.
  6. Name Vinyl.  Need to do this too.
  7. Order pics.  I blew all of my spending money on planner goodies.  lol.  Soon though.  🙂
  8. School Scrapbook.  See above re ordering prints.  😉
  9. DAD pics.  Still need to do these.
  10. 10k steps a day.  I kind of fell off the wagon here.  Hoping to do better next month.


  1.  I want to finish scrapping August of 2016.  I only have 2 layouts to go!
  2. I want to do 10 current layouts.  Summer layouts are always my favorite.  🙂
  3. I’d like to cull the massive list for September down to a more reasonable level and get the pics printed.
  4. I’d really love to get September scrapped as well.
  5. I need to get at least January’s Project Life done.  February would be an awesome bonus.  I did already buy a new album for it and I have enough page protectors to keep me going for a while.
  6. Name vinyl.  This is just getting embarrassing.  lol.
  7. Figure out making my own stickers!  I got some printable sticker paper so I could make my own planner stickers.  To say there’s a steep learning curve would be a massive understatement.  lol.
  8. It’s Christmas in July!  Not really, but I do need to start thinking about craft projects that I’d like done by Christmas.  First up, I want to finish the crosses in my cross stitch.  There’s still a ton of back stitching to go as well, but I’ve got to get back on the horse with this one.
  9. Stockings…  Oh my.  I need to work on my brother-in-law’s stocking.  I also need to get my sister to order a kit for my nephew.
  10. Steps and water.  I ordered stickers for my planner to track these, so hopefully that’s enough motivation.  lol.

July’s going to be busy!  In addition to our regular Camp Half-Blood activities, Kate’s going to go to sailing camp for a week, and my friend and I are taking our kids to San Antonio for a few days without our hubbies.  Should be fun!