February Goals

First let’s see how January went, shall we?

  1. Thank you notes: Embarrassingly enough, I still have a few to go.  Need to get those done tonight!
  2. Blog: I did great until last week.  I need to figure out a better way to photograph my Project Life spreads.  The glare is driving me crazy.
  3. Meal Plan/ Grocery Shop: I did pretty good here!  Although I have to admit that I’m resorting to instacart today.
  4. Dinner Prep: Not bad!  I’d say I made 75% of the meals and I’m pretty happy with that.
  5. Walk: This was kind of hit or miss.  But still, any amount of walking is an improvement over no walking.
  6. December Daily: It’s done!  I just need to photograph it and blog it.
  7. Project Life: Y’all.  My goal was 6 layouts.  I finished 9!!!  And I’m gearing up for more.  🙂
  8. Scrapbook December 2014: Zero progress.
  9. Scrapbook current stuff.  Also zero progress.  BUT I know that I go through phases of liking Project Life more or liking 12×12 more so I’m fine with it as long as I’m creating something.
  10. Weekly Photos:  I’m not too sure if I managed 1 a week, but I did make it a point to take more pictures with my real camera.

On to goals for January!

  1.  Continue with grocery shopping/ meal planning.
  2. Continue with dinner prep.  Try to add one healthy dinner a week.  Either a new recipe or making an old favorite better for us.
  3. Project Life: 6 layouts
  4. Scrapbooking: 15 layouts.  Can be a combo of Project Life and traditional.
  5. Spend more time playing with the babies.  Subtext: Spend less time playing online.
  6. Set aside a block of time everyday to work on Mia’s therapies.
  7. Crochet.  Learn to crochet (this is in progress) and finish 1 small project.
  8. Fill up 1 donation box or trash bag a week.
  9. Sell all the Girl Scout cookies.
  10. Blog!!!