Taggie Blankets

Raptor and I finished a project for the babies today!  We made them little taggie blankets.  Raptor loves hers as a baby so I decided it was time to make some for the twins.  She was a big help finding lots of ribbon to use which partially explains why poor baby boy has so much pink on his.  lol.  May as well get him used to it early.  🙂

I did a tutorial of sorts here so I didn’t want to try to make another.  The big change this time is that didn’t stitch the ribbon on first, I just stitched it all together at the same time.  I also top stitched it, but if I had a do over I would have skipped that as it didn’t make much of a difference.  Mainly I did it so I could tell Raptor’s blanket apart from Baby Sister’s.

taggie blanketsBasically, cut out 16 lengths of ribbon and pin them to the right side of a 9×9 square of minky.  Then pin a 9×9 square of satin on top, wrong sides together.  These fabrics kind of suck for sewing, but babies tend to like them, so don’t be alarmed when your minky gets all out of shape and you end up with more of a 7×7 blanket.  lol.  Or maybe you actually know how to sew and this doesn’t happen to you.  I imagine it involves the mysterious walking foot.

At any rate, here are the finished products.  Luckily babies aren’t all that critical.  😉

taggie blankets-2


2015 Week 5 Project Life

Still behind (of course) but still plugging along.  🙂  Here’s Week 5.

week 5 2015-2


Pretty simple again.  I added a few thickers and some washi tape, but that’s it.

week 5 2015

All of these pics are iPhone pics aside from the top right.  I find that I’m using my iPhone more and more and leaving my DSLR at home.  I wonder what that will look like when it’s time to scrap these months traditionally…  Still have a ways to go on catch up before that’s an issue.  lol.

At the Park

park pageI’m working my way through October.  🙂  Here’s a page I made with some older Jillibean Soup and October Afternoon papers.  I’m actually pleased with how it turned out!

park page-2I even managed to do some embellishment clusters.  🙂  I used some washi tape, a banner sticker from Doodlebug, a flair badge from Lawn Fawn, some old school Prima flowers, and a bit of stickles.  2  more layouts and I’m done with October.  🙂



Witch Hazel

I’m plugging away on October 2013 so I dragged out all of my old Halloween stuff.  For this page, I used the October Afternoon Witch Hazel collection.  Side note: I freaking love October Afternoon, but I wish they would release some new stuff!

scrap pageI added a bit of Target washi tape and some sequins from Doodlebug, but everything else is from the Witch Hazel line.  I still love it.  I’m kind of wishing I had bought more of it which is saying something because I bought a ton.  lol.

In other news, we’re painting the nursery this weekend!  Exciting.  I can’t wait to get it all organized.

2014 Project Life Week Four

Here’s week 4 for your viewing pleasure.  🙂

Week 4 AThis week I went back to the Honey Edition cards.  Still love them.  🙂

Week 4 BI’m just going to keep plugging along on this project.  🙂  Next up, Week 5 for both 2014 and 2015.  Yes I realize that I’m behind.  That’s just how I roll.




I suggested several super cute, crafty valentine’s from Pinterest, but Raptor wasn’t having it.  RaptorDad suggested Star Wars and she was sold.  I found this image on Pinterest, and he added the text and then printed them out.  Raptor signed the back, I popped a little storm trooper in each bag, and stapled them to the top.  Easy Peasy.

Photo Feb 12, 2 20 38 PMAlthough a far cry from some of my previous valentines, the homemade playdoh ones and the heart crayon ones come to mind, Raptor is quite happy with them so I’m happy too.  I even let her make her own Valentine’s Day box y’all.  I seriously wanted to take over and make it a scrappy masterpiece, but I restrained myself.  I want her to get used to doing her own projects while she still enjoys them.  This mama will not be doing her 6th grader’s homework.  lol.

In other news, I narrowed down the 2013 October layout to do list from 21 layouts to 11.  Still, 11!  Maybe Raptor and I will get in some quality time this weekend in the scrap room.  All of the pics are edited and printed and ready to go.  I’m also thinking of making another order with Scrapbook.com.  I have my eye on the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection.  I’m sure I’ll find loads of other stuff to throw in my cart too.  🙂


Raptor Twin Prep

It hit me the other day that I’m going to have TWO babies very soon!  I’ve been kicking the baby prep into high gear.  🙂

twinsI got all of the newborn cloth diapers prepped and ready to go.  🙂  I’m super excited.  This time, we’re using Kissaluvs Size 0 with covers and y’all, they are the cutest softest diapers ever.  I have 30 which is going to be cutting it a little close with 2 babies, but I’m thinking if I wash every day we will be fine.  Plus, I have a few prefolds that we can use in a pinch.

twins-2They’re so tiny!  I wanted these diapers so bad when Raptor was a baby, but we ended up just waiting 2 weeks until her cord fell off and then putting her in Bum Genius All-In-Ones in a size small.  They worked, but they practically came up to her armpits.  lol.  Since the twins are likely to be smaller, I figured we’d get enough wear out of these to justify the cost.  They go up to 15 pounds so I figure we will probably get several months out of them.



And the covers.  OMG y’all.  So stinking cute.  I had to restrain myself from buying more.  Look at those little coordinating fox ones!  I have 7 covers which I think will be plenty.  We’re going with Rumparoos covers on the recommendation of a friend and the quality seems great.

Am I crazy for planning to cloth diaper twins?  I don’t think so!  After all, it’s not like it’s any more laundry than I was dealing with with 1 baby.  I’ll keep you guys posted.

twins-4And the sweet baby clothes!  I may have bought just a few too many given the fact that we have boxes and boxes of hand me downs, but check this out!  I think we all know that I’m a sucker for Gymboree, especially when I realized that they had coordinating boy/girl lines.  ::dies::  My big delima now is how to hang them up.  Coordinating pairs together?  Or half the closet with girl clothes and half with boy clothes.  Thoughts?

I’m hoping to get back to the craftiness soon, in fact I finished up September of 2013 in Raptor’s scrapbook this morning.  I’m having a very hard time narrowing down the number of layouts for October though.  So many cute pictures.  Since they’re all already in October Daily and Project Life, I’m trying to be brutal, but it’s so hard!




Flower Girls are Adorable

Y’all, my baby sister got married this weekend.  Not gonna lie, I cried.  🙂  I am so so happy for her and her new ::gasp:: husband!  It was a beautiful ceremony and an awesome reception, and Raptor had the privilege of being one of 5 flower girls.  You read that right, 5.  Go big or go home.  😉

Photo Feb 07, 1 39 09 PMHere’s a crappy phone photo of 4 of the 5 (the 5th was feeling a wee bit camera shy) in the bridal room getting ready.  Even if it is a crappy pic, I love it so much!  I made a conscious decision not to bring my DSLR and I don’t regret it for a second.  They had an amazing photographer who I knew was going to get awesome shots, and I wanted to be present in the moment, not stuck behind my camera.  I can’t wait to see the pro pics!

Photo Feb 07, 5 32 45 PMHere’s an iPhone pic RaptorDad snapped at the reception.  It was such a beautiful venue with a manicured lawn falling off into the Hill Country.  Raptor decided to do a bit of exploring.  The flower girls also led the charge on the dance floor which was freaking adorable.  🙂



2015 Project Life Week 4

Here’s week 4!

Week 4 Project LifeThis week was almost exclusively phone photos.  The quality is fine, but when I print them at home, they’re not quite as wide as my DSLR pics.  Case in point, the pic in the top left.  lol.  For the worst offenders, I backed them with another card, but I’m too cheap to do that for most of them.  And you know what?  I’m fine with it.  Maybe in 10 years I’ll go back and redo them.   lol.

Week 4 Project Life-2