Project Life Week 21

Week 21!  This is the second layout that I’ve finished in the past few days.  Here’s hoping I can keep the momentum going!  I enjoy this project a lot more when I’m more caught up.

Week 21Ablog

I manipulated the template a bit on the second page because I wanted the focus on the large pic of Raptor.  Easy peasy.  I really do like how easy it is to do things digitally.  I love paper too much to go digital for anything else though.  🙂

Week 21Bblog

Purple Sparkly Witch!

Raptor wanted to be a purple sparkly witch for Halloween this year which basically meant that she wanted to be a princess and we had to find a compromise.  😉  I made her costume this year (sans pattern because I actually have no idea how to sew on anything except for a scrapbook layout) and I think it turned out pretty awesome.  Just remember that a cape can hide a multitude of sewing sins.  🙂


We went out to (another) pumpkin patch this morning to take some pictures.

IMG_3199RaptorDad thought that our little witch needed a rocket powered broom.  I couldn’t agree more.  This one includes a glowing crystal ball headlight.  🙂

IMG_3196This one’s a bit out of focus, but I was dying because it looked like she was actually flying!  Totally unintentional, but totally awesome.  Also, I’ll never be able to replicate it.





Project Life Week 20

I’m on a mission to get caught up.  I predict that this will last about 2 days before I start slacking again.  🙂  Here’s Week 20!

Week 20AblogIt’s pretty simple this week.  I didn’t do such a good job of taking pictures, but I was still able to put together a simple spread.  Now I just have to build some momentum and try to keep it going.

Week 20Bblog


Costume Construction

It’s costume time!  That time of year when I forget that I have no sewing ability whatsoever.  🙂

Costume PrepRaptorDad and I have turned this disaster into just about the cutest little “pretty purple sparkly witch” you’ve ever seen.  Complete with rocket powered broom!  Here’s hoping we make it out to the pumpkin patch to take pictures this week.  🙂



These letters have been on my to do list for over a year and I finally got them done this week! I’m biased, but I think they’re adorable. Excuse the crappy phone pic.

20131016-083332.jpgHere’s a link to the Christmas version of these with better photos and instructions.  🙂


Calendar Pages

These are always the pages that I put off making.  They’re super repetitive, I have to track down all of the information, they’re not creative…  Still, they’re some of my favorite pages to look back on.  They’re the calendar pages!

RaptorMama_-9I made a tutorial for them way back in the early days of RaptorMama, but I thought it would be interesting to revisit them.  Yes, I’m still trucking along.  I initially thought that I’d only do them for Raptor’s first year.  Then I thought that I’d stop once I started doing Project Life, but I still love them.  🙂


I did stop adding photos to them.  For her first year, I added her weekly photos.  For her second year, I added random phone photos, but now that those have a place in Project Life I jut stopped adding pictures.  I had grand plans of choosing one art project a week to photograph and include, but I just couldn’t keep up with it.  It’s so fun to look back at what we did everyday!



Letter to Raptor


I don’t often do lengthy journaling, but I felt oddly compelled to scrap these pictures.  There’s no real story to them, I just loved them.  (Ignore the really weird glare, they look much better in real life.)  I figured this was a good chance to play with all of my Valentine’s Day paper and heart embellishments, and write a letter to Raptor.RaptorMama_-3It was really fun to put together.  Raptor desperately wanted to help so I let her color one of the arrow wood veneers.

RaptorMama_-4I only put adhesive on 3 sides of this card so that I could make a little pocket.




Tons of Hearts

I have tons of heart embellishments and papers because I love them so much.  Way more than I could ever use scrapping Valentine’s Day.  It doesn’t help that pink is my favorite color.  🙂  In the past, I’ve actually planned out tons of photo ops for February, but this year that didn’t happen as much with Michael having surgery.  I finally decided that I wasn’t limiting them to only Valentine’s Day events anymore!  (Please excuse the weird glare on the photo.  I’ve got to find a better spot to photograph layouts…)

RaptorMama_-6I pulled it all out for this page!  Even some rickrack.  I also used both the positive and negative parts of my heart punch.


I even tried some handwriting on my title!  ::gasp::

RaptorMama_-7It looks a bit like hearts threw up all over the page, but I love it.



October Daily Day 1

It time for October Daily!!!  And RaptorDad surprised us with a new photo printer!  <3

I scored a free 6×6 Halloween paper pad at Archivers so I decided to let Raptor make an October Daily of her own.  She usually just scraps with my leftovers, but words cannot express how thrilled she was to have brand new supplies of her own.  🙂

IMG_2270I did the writing for her, but the design is pure Raptor.

IMG_2273Here’s the backside.  She really wanted this little witch to have a purple hat.  🙂  I love crafting with her.

IMG_2274Here’s the front of my Day 1.  I’m using an Apothecary 6×6 pad for the base.

IMG_2275Here’s the back of Day 1.  Each day will be 1 front and back piece of paper 6×6 paper.  I’ll add in additional pages as needed.

IMG_2277Here you can see the smaller page I added because I wanted to write more.  It’s roughly 4×6.

IMG_2278And here’s the backside of page 1.5 with the back of page 1 peeking through.  One of my favorite things about minibooks is playing with different sized sheets of paper and transparencies.  I’ll probably finish this sometime mid November, just in time to get started on December Daily!