So I Broke Chrome…

So RaptorMama Tech Support (AKA RaptorDad) has ascertained that I broke Chrome.  Didn’t you know?  Breaking computers is a special talent of mine.  I’m now blogging from Safari.  Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes me to break it too?  At any rate, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled scrappy goodness.  Here’s the aforementioned Christmas page with some super old Crate Paper and last year’s Echo Park.RaptorMama SantaIt went together quite quickly.  I just added a bit of washi tape and some wood veneers to finish it off.  Oh, and I outlined the Thickers with a marker to help them stand out from the page.


Mixing Old and New

As I’ve mentioned before, I was getting pretty sick of my Christmas paper by the time I finished scrapping 2012.  Luckily, I was digging through my stash to find something for Raptor to scrap with and I found some old Crate Paper patterned paper that was actually quite a nice match with least year’s Echo Park.

I would love to show it to you, but I’m experiencing a bit of technical difficulty uploading the pictures and RaptorDad’s at work right now.  lol.  Maybe this evening I’ll get them up.  🙂

Awesome sale at Michael’s

I don’t have anything new to post (though I did photograph lots of layouts yesterday!) but I did want to pass along my awesome score from Michael’s. They have 60% off their albums now so I got *5* project life albums for only $7.99 each.


Keeping it Real

I had a hard week.  Last Wednesday our house got broken into.  Everyone is fine and they didn’t take much, but still I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week dealing with the logistics of getting an alarm system installed.  Oh, and checking my house room by room for invaders a la Law and Order.  Have I mentioned that I’m neurotic?  My pepper spray gets here today.  Eat your heart out Stephanie Plum.

We also had Raptor’s 4 year check up which resulted in 2 vaccines.  I’m going to give you a sec to imagine how my drama queen reacted to that.




I don’t have the heart to tell her that we have to go back in a month for 2 more.  Right.  We also got the news that there might be glasses in Raptor’s future.  I’m not going to lie, I figured she’s need glasses eventually, but the fact that she might need them at 4?  It’s making me a little sad.  And then I feel guilty about feeling sad because we are so blessed to have a healthy kiddo.  Luckily, she’s thrilled.  She’s actually been begging for glasses for months, ever since E got them.

glasses RaptorMamaShe fashioned her own out of bristle blocks the other day.  lol.

All this to say that blogging has taken a bit of a backseat to life this week.  Here’s hoping for a productive rest time!


Week Seventeen

I’ve fallen behind on both doing and posting project life layouts.  Might try to rectify that this week.  🙂  At any rate, here’s Week Seventeen.

week 17AblogI’m loving the title card.  I made it with a photo that I took!

week 17Bblog


Aquarena Springs

Time for a field trip!  Raptor and I went down to Aquarena Springs in San Marcos with my mom and it was so cool!  I remember going as a kid and they had a submarine theatre with mermaids.  That’s all been ripped out now, but they still have glass bottom boats.

IMG_0962Raptor *loved* it!  We could see the water bubbling up from the bottom of the springs.

IMG_1013I took about a million pictures trying to get a clear one of Raptor and I in the reflection.

IMG_1005The light was gorgeous, but I clearly need a wider angle lens.  😉

IMG_1020They had a cute little educational center inside the old resort.  Including baby turtles!  If you’re in the area, I totally recommend checking it out.





Happy Camper Stew


Jillibean Soup Happy Camper Stew and Crate Paper The Pier.  Love!just say no raptormamaI dug out some of my rickrack and Prima flowers for this one.  I love that I’m making use of some of my older products.

just say no raptormama-3Fun embellishment clusters!  I decided to use some stickles to bring the glitter from the Thickers across the rest of the page.

just say no raptormama-2I had the hardest time getting this title to look like I wanted.  In the end, putting the letter stickers on some scraps of paper worked pretty well.




First Day of Preschool

Raptor went back to school!  We continued our tradition of the chalkboard photos on the front porch.

first day of school RaptorMamaShe’s gotten so big!

first day of school RaptorMama-3She was so excited to go back to school that she was jumping up and down.  🙂  I hope she’s always this excited about school.

first day of school RaptorMama-2


We also continued our school interview book.  I’ve decided to add another page for each year into the book and have begun the quest to find more card stock of the exact same color.  We’ll see if that happens or not.  I will say that it was awesome to have everything else all ready to go.  I’m glad that I put the whole thing together ahead of time.