We don’t let Kate watch much TV at all.  We’ll have family movie night maybe twice a month, but that’s it.  It’s easy for us since our only TV is in our bedroom.  Letting Kate watch a movie is an intentional choice, and we have to sit with her since she’s in our room.  We like it that way.  We usually pop some popcorn and make an event of it.  Kate gives great snuggles during movie night.  🙂

That being said, we live in Texas and in the summer that’s roughly equivalent to living on the surface of the sun.  Time to broaden our horizons.  Enter the dollar theatre.

The girls and I met Will and Libby one afternoon for The Lorax.  Now, we did have to wake up 3 of the 4 kids (I’ll give you three guesses as to who wasn’t asleep) but it ended up being just fine.  The kids had a blast and it was air conditioned.  Win win.

Fun with Chemistry

Today we decided to have a little fun with some chemistry, namely baking soda and vinegar.

It’s pretty simple.  I filled a baking pan with baking soda.

I put some vinegar in a muffin tin and added some food coloring.  The girls requested red and blue.

I used an old medicine dropper to draw up the vinegar.  If you have older kids, they might be able to do it themselves, but I went ahead and did it for them to minimize mess and arguments.  Next time we finish a bottle of baby tylenol, I’m totally saving the little bulb syringe so they can do it themselves.

They thought it was super cool and they were great about taking turns.  I think we’ll be adding this into our project rotation.  🙂

Edited to Add:  I totally thought it was Monday as I was writing this.  Sorry it’s a day late!

Project Life

I’ve fallen woefully behind on my Project Life. I haven’t printed pics sine sometime in March and the last time I did journaling cards or uploaded photos was April 30th. My mission today is to get caught up with all of my journaling cards/ photo uploads for the past month. 🙂


Sock Puppets

What good is a theatre without puppets?  I gave the girls some old ankle socks (clean!) and some glitter glue and they went to town.

I did make sure that the puppets all had eyes and a mouth, but other than that the girls did whatever they liked.

And by “whatever they liked” I mean they squeezed out an impressive amount of glitter glue.  Especially Kate.  🙂

Only bummer was that it was so humid that it took days for the paint to dry.  Note to self: next time do this when it’s dry out.  The girls had a blast though.  They’ve spent a decent chunk of the morning playing “puppet tag.”  🙂

Puppet Theatre

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks around here!  We did find some time to turn an old box into a puppet theatre though.

Michael cut out holes for the window and for a little door in the back.  I added some curtains and Kate decorated it with some paint.

Have I mentioned that we can check out puppets from the library?  Oh yeah.

That’s one happy girl.  🙂

More Popsicle Fun

Today I made popsicles for the girls, just because. 


First, I cut out some hearts from an apple.

Then I put the hearts on the paddle from the character kit and stuck them to the side of the mold.

We added a bit of food coloring because I realized that our juice was pretty much the same color as the apple pieces.

Then we poured the juice into the molds and waited about 10 minutes.

Awesome summery treat.