Rainbow Rice

Remember the rice that Kate’s been playing with for a while?  Well, I’m she’s starting to get bored with it so we decided to make rainbow rice!  By the way, like most things on the blog this was not an original idea.  🙂

First, grab your materials: rice, ziplock bags, food coloring and rubbing alcohol.  Put rice in the bags, add food coloring and alcohol.

Let the kids smoosh the rice around in the bags.

The girls loved this part so much that we ended up making 6 colors instead of 3.  Well, that and I love doing things in rainbow order.  🙂

Seriously, it’s that easy.  I think we might dye pasta next to make necklaces.  I saved the bags.

It was super awesome looking when all of the colors were separate, but it looks quite nice now too that all of the colors are mixed up.  It’s like confetti.  I’ll have to take another pic of it and add it.  I totally recommend this.  Super easy and super fun.  I’m not going to lie, playing with the rice is super messy though.


Sketch Book

We gave Kate her very own sketch book a few months ago and she loves it.  Michael also has several sketch books and she really enjoys getting to draw with him.  We encourage her to use one page at a time and then put the date at the bottom.  She usually ends up using it once a week or so and I think it will end up showing her progression quite nicely.  Plus, it makes me feel a bit less guilty about throwing away the approximately 3000 other pieces of art she creates a week.  🙂

Pumpkin Art

So as may of you undoubtedly know, Halloween in pretty much my favorite holiday.   I am so excited to start some spooky art projects!  I also get the feeling that Kate is supposed to start learning to use scissors and glue, thus this project was born.  🙂

First I cut some strips of orange paper and drew lines on the to show where Kate and Abby should cut.

Abby, who just turned 4, totally got it.  She cut apart the strips and glued them in the pumpkin shape.

Kate clearly needs some more practice with the scissors.  It seems like her hands are still too small for them.  No problem, she ripped up the strips and I cut out some squares for her.  She was all over the glue stick though.  🙂

And here are the finished masterpieces!