We decided to meet some friends downtown today to go to the Children’s Museum.  The plan was to meet up at 10:00 when they opened and then get lunch after letting the kids play for a bit.  What’s that you say?  They don’t open until noon on Sunday?  Curses!  And of course we’ve already parked in the garage downtown and have to hang around until the museum opens to have our parking validated.  Le sigh.  For once, I was glad we were running late.  We headed over to a coffee shop to grab a snack.

As we were walking to the coffee shop, I noticed some more cows.  Have I mentioned the cows?  They are all over Austin right now.  There are something like 47 of them.  So far, we’ve stumbled across three of them and taken pictures.  It’s like a sickness I tell you.  If I see one, I must take a picture of Kate with it.  Luckily she’s a pretty good sport.

After wasting as much time as possible in the coffee shop, we still had 45 minutes before the museum was set to open.  Luckily there were a lot more cows!

This one was in full sun.  When the high is 109, full sun is not your friend.

Luckily this cow was in the shade.  And since we’re in Austin, there was live music.  🙂

I think this cow may have been their favorite.  They really liked the grass.


Michael put his foot down here and said that there was no way we were crossing 1st St to take a picture with a cow.  Fair enough.  I’m counting it anyway.

All in all, we added 9 new cows!  I actually think Kate had more fun walking around finding cows than she did at the museum.  To be fair, she and I come to the museum a few times a month and we rarely go hunting for cows.  🙂

Sewing with Kate

I was working on a cross stitch project the other day and Kate decided she wanted to try it too.  Obviously she’s too little for that, but I thought she might be ready for one of those lacing cards.  After all, she’s pretty much mastered stringing beads.  I was going to look for one on Amazon, but then I figured, why not just make one?  I covered some chipboard (I have tons from packs of page protectors) with some paper.  Then I cut out some shapes and drew a reverse outline (?) with a sharpie marker.  Punched a few holes with my crop-a-dile and we were good to go!

Oh, I used a yarn needle from my knitting stash and some yarn as the thread.  I tied the thread to the needle on one end and the paper on the other.  I realized afterwards that I could have just as easily had her use one of the shoe laces that came with the bead lacing set.  In fact, the next time I get around to knitting something I’m totally going to switch them out.  🙂

She loved it!  She still needs help to do it, obviously, but she had a lot of fun getting to “sew” like mama.  🙂

Shanty Town

Michael and Kate turned the packaging from our new mattress (which is totally awesome by the way) into a shack awesome playhouse.  Michael says the secret to cardboard construction is this tape.  I must say, I was a bit skeptical when they first started, but the playhouse is fantastic. Kate loves it.

Michael drew her raptor logo on the facade, then we let her go to town with some markers.

She’s a big fan of the windows.  I expected her to destroy it within the hour, but she’s been happily playing with it for over a week.  Honestly, I’m shocked that it’s still standing.  That tape really is incredible.

More Felt Letters

I made another set of felt letters for a friend of mine a few weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten around to blogging about them yet.  Here’s a tutorial I did on how to make them.

I actually “made up” a new embroidery stitch.  I say made up because I am quite sure that I am not the first person to come up with the idea.  🙂  You can see it on the B and the R.  I really like it.

For the numbers, I put the same number of stars as the number.  (So 6 had 6 stars.)

It’s not too soon to think of Christmas.  🙂  I can probably only finish 2 or 3 sets in time for Santa to drop them off.  Those elves are just not as quick as they used to be.  If you would like a set, leave a comment or email me at  They are $2 per character.


Layered Scrapbook Page

Yesterday was kind of a cheater post, so I decided to throw in a bonus post today.  Last night I made a scrapbook page inspired by the layering video.  All in all I was pretty happy with it!  The best part?  I was looking through some old paper to make something for Kate (more on that later) and I “discovered” my stash from last summer.  Cute stuff!  And I’m not sick of it anymore.  🙂

These are the pictures from our rice sensory box.  I decided to put 6 of the pictures along the edges and then treat the middle part as a single 12×12 page for design purposes.  I think it turned out quite nice!

I inked all of the edges before adhering them to give the layers a bit of pop.  I think next time I’ll add even more layers, but I didn’t want to overdo it right out of the gate.

I made a really simple title with some letter stickers, some rubons and a scrap of paper.


Fun Link

I had grand plans of writing an awesome blog post while Kate napped, but instead I have been sucked into this blog.  She has some awesome videos.  I think I’m going to try to make some layered scrapbook pages tonight.  🙂

Patches Part 2

Remember my travel backpack?  Well, after many false starts, I finally figured out a way to display the patches.

We have had these frames for years just sitting in our closet waiting for inspiration.  🙂  They came with a thick cardboard-type backing which I stapled some burlap to.  I really liked the texture it gave the project.

I was initially going to label all of the patches with the country and the rough date that I went there (month, year) but in the end I liked the way it looked better without.  Plus, I’m lazy.  🙂

I kept the patches roughly in order, all of the patches from one frame come before the next, but within each frame I moved them around however they looked best.  That last frame looks a bit bare, I guess we had better plan another trip!  🙂


So after our photo session with Libby, I decided to wallpaper my house with prints order a few canvases.  I decided to go with Canvas on Demand because they have lots of groupons and I’m cheap like that.  🙂  I was really pleased with the quality and turn around time.

The hardest part was choosing the pictures.  I wanted one of the 3 of us, but lets face it, Kate is *way* more photogenic than me.  🙂

This picture isn’t great, but it gives you an idea of the scale.  These canvases are 16×20.

I am so happy with the pictures and the canvases!  My goal now is to have family pictures taken every year.  If you are on the fence, it is so worth it.  It’s an investment, but one I am really glad that we made.


So Kate’s friend Abby talks about volcanos all the time.  We’ve had to “evacuate” the stuffed animals on more than one occasion.  🙂  I decided it was high time we made a kitchen volcano.  A bit of quick googling netted me a recipe, though you could just as easily use vinegar and baking soda by themselves.  We, of course, modified it as we went.

First up, we didn’t make the actual volcano.  Who really has 2 cups of salt on hand anyway?  We made our volcano out of repurposed shipping materials.  Did I mention we have Amazon Prime?  Yeah, we order everything.  I used one of those starbucks bottles as the base and molded some packing paper around it.

Next we mixed up the water, baking soda, food coloring and dish soap.  I poured it into the volcano with the help of a funnel.  It was at this point that we ran into problems.  I went to get the giant jug of vinegar and it wasn’t in the pantry.  I checked the laundry room because I sometimes add it to a load of diapers, but it wasn’t there either.  Hmm…  Now we were in a pickle because Kate and Abby were expecting a volcano.  I checked the pantry again.  Well, we had some rice wine vinegar, surely that would work.

Abby got all excited but then we had this somewhat disappointing reaction.

I mean, technically it worked but it wasn’t very impressive.  More of a slow ooze than a fiery volcano.  Kate quickly demanded another project, so we did some stickers.

At about this point, Michael came out for lunch (he works from home) and decided that he was going to take a crack at the volcano construction.  The girls were thrilled.  He made a volcano out of old playdoh and filled it with baking soda.

At this point, he also went and found the regular vinegar.  It was in the linin closet from the last time we cleaned the bathroom.  Whoops.

He found an old baby advil syringe and used it to inject some food colored vinegar directly into the baking soda.

This was met with more approval, partly due to the fact that you could get several “eruptions” out of it by adding another syringe full of vinegar.  Still, I think I might be picking up some mentos at the store next time I go.  We can drop them in some diet coke and have some real fun.  I might have to get some teeny tiny safety goggles first.  🙂


I’m having a hard time finishing up a felt alphabet set, so I’ve given myself an incentive.  If I can finish it by Friday morning, I’m buying myself this awesome camera bag that I’ve been lusting after.  I’m not sure if it’s possible for me to finish by then, but I’m sure motivated now.  🙂