March is Here!

Hello March!  I’m not sure that I’m in love with having the same monthly goals all year long, but I’m going to give it a go for one more month.  First, let’s look back at February.

  1.  Bakes.  This was a huge success!  I made a copy cat Chantilly cake from Whole Foods.  The icing was spot on, but I think the cake itself would benefit from a few tweaks.  Still, delicious!
  2. Dinners.  ::sigh::  I didn’t try any new recipes this month.
  3. Montessori Trays.  Well, I got 4 out of 6 done.  lol.  No pics, but they continue to be a huge hit, especially with Mia.  
  4. Feast Days.  I wanted to do 3 or 4 feast days, but only got my act together for one.  That’s ok though!  It’s still better than the zero I would have done in the past.  🙂
  5. Hexies.  Hmm…  I finished a block and a half.  To be honest, I’ve been wanting to work on applique in the evenings.  lol.  Still, I’m going to try to push through and get some done this month.
  6. Scrapbooking.  I focused on Project Life this month, so I didn’t get much 12×12 scrapping done.  I’m ok with that though.
  7. Project Life.  The main reason I’m ok with not accomplishing much on the scrapping front is because I killed it on Project Life!  I switched my kit club subscription to Citrus Twist and I was hugely motivated to get through some of my back log of Hip Kits before my new one came.  I only got 5 traditional layouts done, but I got 13!!! Project Life layouts done!!!
  8. Portraits.  None this month.  Whoops.
  9. Sewing.  I wanted to get the unicorn quilt top done, which didn’t happen.  But I did make a lot of progress on it.
  10. New Parks.  No new parks, but we did revisit some old favorites.  And I let Kate set up the tent in the backyard for a few days while she worked on a badge.  She was planning to sleep out there, but she decided against it when she realized that none of us were willing to sleep on the floor when our nice warm beds were so close at hand.  
  11. Blogging.  They may not have all been posted on Mondays, but I did post 4 times!
  12. Health.  I tried to get back into swimming, but Mia got the flu and that seriously derailed my momentum.  That’s ok though!  I still swam 100% more than I did in January!

Which leads me to March!  I’m trying out spelling out my March goals to see if I like it better than trying to come up with them as I go.

  1.  Bakes.  And I immediately fail because I don’t have any ideas of what I want to bake yet.  lol.
  2. Dinners.  Ditto dinners.  But I’m considering some kind of crock pot beef stroganoff.  Also need some yummy fish dinners for Lent.
  3. Montessori Trays.  My goal is to have some P is for Patrick trays done this weekend!
  4. Feasts.  I’ll try to post more details about our line up on Monday, but my goals for the month include Mardi Gras, Saint Patrick, and the Annunciation.
  5. Hexies.  Maybe I should change this to the hand sewing goals category.  lol.  I’m getting totally into applique, but I can’t let that derail me too much!  I’m going to try to get 3 hexie blocks done this month.  I’d love to get the hexies wrapped up so that I can play with my 3(!!!) new hand sewing projects.  More on that later.
  6. Scrap.  I know this has been on my list for months, but I really want to wrap up December 2017.  Then I can put the Fall 2017 album on my shelf and move on!
  7. Project Life.  Oh my gosh y’all!  I am in love with my new kit!  With that in mind, my goal for Project Life is to do February 2019 and then also wrap up September 2018.  I might try to alternate weeks, or I might just let myself play with the February goodies and then go back and work on September while I wait for my March kit.   
  8. Portraits.  It’s time for bluebonnets!!!  My favorite portraits of the year.  🙂  I’m debating going for a more casual look this year, but I might get the girls new Easter dresses and use that.  Decisions decisions.
  9. Sewing.  I’d really love to finish up my unicorn quilt top for Kate because I want to start on my Christmas half square triangle quilt.  I got the rest of the fabric for it and I’m dying to cut into it!
  10. New Parks.  Well, I must be insane because I’m taking all 3 kids to the beach for spring break.  By myself.  Corpus Christi here we come!
  11. Blogging.  I’m toying with the idea of ramping the blog up to 2 posts a week.  I’ve missed it!
  12. Health.  Still keeping it at 2 swims a week.  And adding in 10k steps a day.  Not sure how this is going to go, but I got 10K steps yesterday.  lol.  We’ll see,

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